Does the plants looked more Indica dominant than Sativa dominant?

A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

"My order arrived quickly, safely. This is my first time growing indoors and it has been twenty years since I grew outdoors. I purchased Amnesia Haze, just five of them. Three sprouted and are doing very well (indoors). One got set back because I initially planted in a small clay pot and did not repot soon enough. My seeds are also supposed to be Fem, but after three weeks, one of them is showing lots of pistils. The other two are not. I’ll attach photos. I feel like I’m feeding fairly heavy, but no burn yet. The plants however, look more like Indica than Sativa dominant, so I just want your opinion on whether or not you believe these are Amnesia Haze or something else, and if one of them may be Autoflowering? No complaints here, I’m just trying to get re-educated. In the mid-nineties I grew from seed from whatever good smoke I could find, and with very little fuss besides watering. I love growing, especially pot, and I’m glad to have the opportunity to grow again. As a side note, I also have ordered White Widow from you and look forward to a little help with arthritis pain. Getting old is not too much fun, but with a little reefer I’m looking forward to some new “growth”. Top left plant has the pistils. I have removed four leaves from the main stalk for the branches. Top right plant is almost the same size, but no sign of flowering. Bottom plant got set back about a week due to being in potbound clay pot with roots wrapped at bottom. I almost forgot, plants sprouted on October 11.

I got these seeds from ILGM as Amnesia haze (Fem)
Using Foxfarm Ocean Potting soil (started with Miracle-Gro Moisture control, but switched at first transplant up.)
PH is just below 7, about 6.8
Nutrients at half recommended strength, but used almost every watering, clear water on occasion.
LED 1000Watt at 30-35cm above tops
Temp range is 70 Degrees F to 79 degrees F, autoheating/cooling to stay in that range
Humidity ranges from 50 to 60%
Exhaust fan stays off unless temp goes over 82F, otherwise there is some chimney affect and small circulating fan
No AC, Humidifier or de-humidifier used
Only extra CO2 is me in the growing closet a few times a day.

I hope this helps. As far as lighting goes, plants are receiving between 1000 and 2000 foot candles for 8-9 hour periods (light manufacturer recommends a rest for the light after 8-10 hours run time.) with a couple of hours rest for the plants. Typical “days” are 8AM-4PM, 6PM-8PM, 10PM-6AM. It seems one of these must be “Auto-flower”, as at about 20cm in height now, more pistils are visible everyday and the new top leaves look different from the other two plants, tighter, with pistils as if beginning to make buds. No concerns on my part because I’ll be able to see the difference between auto-flower and Fem and get bud quicker from one of the plants. Though I thought the plants looked more Indica dominant than Sativa dominant, this is my first experience with new varieties and growing indoors, and feeding rather heavily, so perhaps the lower leaves, especially will be broad and Sativa-like? Bottom line here is I just want to be sure of what I have for future reference. Thank you for any help you can give me."


The one up front looks indica and the two in the back look hybrid…

What I just said means nothing more than what those plants look like to me. Just because a hybrid looks like it leans more towards indica appearances, doesn’t mean that all the rest of her traits will be indica dominant.

They create hybrids that look sativa dominant but when you look at the spec sheet, it’s indica dominant, and vice versa


And they can look totally different in 2 months.


FYI the soil has everything you need until flower. You are risking issues by feeding IMO. FF does NOT recommend that feeding schedule regardless.

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I’ve found this to be true… I have one from an unknown seed that started out short, like sativa, but has grown to be the tallest! She has large fan leaves and a beautiful shimmer to her upper leaves :green_heart:

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I saw that velvet sheen on the GL last go 'round. It brought me up short! It was so eye catching.

You may be causing the plant to flower cause of light schedule
Less than 16 hours of light per day the plants will start to flower as soon as they ate mature enough
I would change achedule to at least 16 on before a dark cycle
And led mfg should know this and I personally would stay away from a brand that told me i had to shut down
Happy growing
Other wise i agree with
@TDubWilly and @Myfriendis410

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Thanks, John! I meant to come back to that yesterday and was interrupted by something. Definitely the one plant is showing signs of either flower or preflower.