Does the light stay on 24 until it gets a nice size?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

We bought auto flower but are confused how to light them . Does the light stay on 24 until it gets a nice size? Do you leave the light on all the time until it’s ready for harvest? Aprox how long from seed to harvest?

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You can leave the lights on 24/0. They will grow just fine that way. A lot of people see better results with 20/4 meaning 20 hours of light. 4 hours of darkness. Or 18/6. You can keep autoflowers on this same light schedule until harvest.
Photoperiods are different, and require you to switch the light to 12/12 to get them to flower.
Every strain is different. I would say anywhere from 3-4 months. But that’s just an estimation. Plenty of things can lengthen the harvest time.


Plants do need some downtime. 18/6 schedule will work fine. Auto is just that. It will auto-flower regardless of light schedule.

Im growing my first autos ILGM Amnesia Haze they came threw soil on May 13 and they have 8 days left of flushing and my trichomes are mostly amber and fan leaves are dying back so she’s sayimg she ready for harvest :sunglasses:

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Sounds like it is good time to take 'er out and get it drying !

This is not 100% true. Cannabis are c3 plants and need 0 down time for vegging. It has been shown that 24hr light can decrease veg times.

It’s the old chestnut, ain’t it.

We know autos will grow with any schedule, but the big question seems to be the increase in yield vs the extra electricity, etc, costs.

Some say it’s worth it, others say it isn’t, and that’s before we think of different strains.

Autoflower lighting schedules, yet another minefield