Does the bottom of everyones PH meter look like this?

Does this need cleaning? If so, how?
I just run it under water when done.
Anything special i should be doing?

Vivosun PH Meter

They make storing/cleaning solution for ph meters.
I’d give it a good soak and calibrate it after. My meter says to rise with distilled water after each use


As @Watt-Sun said! Scientific name is Kcl solution.

Every time I use mine I rinse it off with distilled water and blow it dry with canned air we normally use on computers & electronics. It still looks new.

I have “storage solution”. Is that the same thing? Also, when i got it it came with 3 packs of different powder mixtures to calibrate. Will i need to get more of those packets? Is there another way to calibrate a PH meter that you/anyone knows of?

This is what I use…