Does sublimation work?

Just read a couple older threads on another site about sublimation. Basically, harvest, trim, put nugs uncovered in single layer, put in frost free freezer for 30 days and wah-lah! Cured and dried ready to enjoy.
Anyone heard of this? Is it really that simple?

Before anyone says it, if it looks too good to be true…


I’ve not heard of sublimation, but I would expect flower put in a freezer for 30 days would be extremely dried out. The humidity in a freezer is exceptionally low.

Doesn’t work that way. Rather than sacrifice bud, why not take some fresh veggies and do that and see what happens when you thaw it out 30 days later. I’m betting mush.

Freeze drying is a different process.

There are commercial cannabis freeze dryers and some really well respected growers use them - Ed Rosenthal is one. You can’t do that in your home freezer or at least not without some big time modifications. You need a vacuum chamber in the freezer basically.

Thanks for your input.

Your comment makes sense, thank you.

I’ve never tried it, but sublimation is really just freeze drying. The moisture is evaporated off, at a very low rate.
I think that the freezer process could be done, however I think it will take a lot longer than the 30 days a post suggested.

Look up freeze drying if you’re interested in freeze drying. Harvest right makes a great freeze dryer, and it’s done in 24hrs or less. @PCM

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Thanks for the reply. I think I’ll wait till I have a good size personal stash before I try.