Does Something Stink in the Data?

Something is not right with the data provided on this web page. Divide the number of total yield by the total hectares for Canada and the UK. Canada per hectare = 7,914kg UK per hectare = 812kg. What makes such a huge disparity between the two countries yields?

I think that either a “typo” happend or there has been deleberate falsification of data.

However, it could be that Canooks are the best growers in ALL of the infinate universes or the Brits are barking mad, lazy lackadaisical weed growers?


I would like to sample there’s and they can sample mine lol bring it on lol :joy:


&Hogmaster - I would like to know why Ireland was missed out on the survey?

Our climate may not be conducive… but we make up by a dedication and a will to win,

Weed doesn’t grow like weeds in Ireland.

Canada (some parts) may have the same problems.

Hog. Way to go :slight_smile:

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