Does someone know what's up with my autos?

Question from a fellow grower

We have planted 3 white widow Auto seeds , they have been growing for 4 weeks & the tallest is 12 cm, what is going wrong?
Temperature is around 30 degrees Celsius watering is once at end of day,
they were in pots up until 1 week ago, we live tropical north Australia

She looks to be nitrogen deficient but I suspect some ph issues as well

Definatley see a ph factor probably to low and nitrogen looks like a factor as well, being in the ground I do mine in the ground at summer time and yea I’d try a slight increase to ph nitrogen, calcium and magnesium use this chart to help you along the way as this chart is based on deficiencies

I agree with you looks nitrogen deficient

And possibly switch the watering from the end of the day to the middle of the day as the middle is the hottest part of the day

remember if you feed nutrients’ best to feed in the morning -that’s when the plants up-takes (eats)

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You do prove a good point steve2

Thanks mate the table helped us. Appreciate the advice as we are beginners thanks once again. We have asked for advice on the lights. I hope you have a very happy new year

Thanks for the support mate all help greatly appreciated.

Hi another question, what creates the PH to alter. What makes the soil too Acidic or too Alkaline. So we know to avoid future mistakes

What is pH
pH is a measure of the hydorgen ion concentration of a solution. Solutions with a high concentration of hydrogen ions have a low pH and solutions with a low concentrations of H+ ions have a high pH. This may seem like a confusion way to express these reationships, and it is, until you understand what pH stands for. The equation that defines pH is given as follows:
pH=-log[H+] concentration,

which is read:
the pH is equal to minus the log of the H+ concentration.

For example is the H+ concentration is very low, lets say about 0.0000001M, then the pH is
pH= -log[.0000001] whis is the same as -log[1 X 10-7]
the term log[1 X 10-7] = -7

  • (-7) = 7
    Look at the following table

hydrogen ion concetration pH solutions with a pH of
.1M 1
.01M 2 coke and orange juice
.001 3
.0001 4
.00001 5 black coffee
.000001 6
.0000001 7 pure water
.00000001 8
.000000001 9 baking soda
.0000000001 10
.00000000001 11
.000000000001 12 household bleach
.0000000000001 13 oven cleaner
From this table you will notice a few relationships

a difference of one pH unit (ie from pH 2 to pH 3) is a ten fold (10X) difference in H+ ion concentration.
pure water should have a pH of 7.0
solutions with a pH below 7.0 are termed acidic and solutions with a pH above 7.0 are termed basic.

Hopefully this helps you out

You are supposed to water at the beginning of the day to allow the plant nutrition and moisture. Watering at the end of the day as the Sun goes down drowns the plant, because without Sunlight; The plant does not want to drink. Being in a damp soil at the end of the day will eventually cause the plant to yellow, and wither/rot away.

It is also not advisable to plant the seedlings so young into a rough outdoor garden. What did you all do to amend that soil?

Later, lw

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