Does she look too leggy?

Help! Just wondering if she is looking too leggy and maybe I need to drop the light a bit? She broke soil on 5/2, it’s now 5/10 and she’s 4” tall and about 10” from the light. Light is a 45w LED (225 bulbs).

Forgot to mention this is a blueberry auto.

Yes I’d drop the light


Yeah,if that’s a regular photo seedling she may be male. I would replant it then lower my light

She’s a blueberry autoflower so shouldn’t be male.

How close do you think? I don’t want to burn her.

45 watts is ok to start a seedling I guess, but not enough to flower. You could drop that light pretty close.

You say she’s 10 inches from now? Try 6 or 7 and see how she reacts

You probably are not going to burn her from that distance with the blurple and if it’s too close back off an inch or so but with that stretch it looks like you gotta get the light closer to my untrained eye

Well shit. I didn’t want to buy a new light but maybe I should?


Yeah that’s the bottom line but I understand that you were not looking to upgrade

If you can spend a bit I’d get the hlg 260 or 260 xl

You will see immediate difference If you stick with that light only it will probably be a struggle from beginning to end

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If I stick with LED (for cost efficiency) what should I look for? I was hoping to find a 600 w. Links appreciated! My tent is only 2x2x4 so size is another issue.

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This is where price points come in

If you go hlg, I’ve seen for 260xl diy is 369 I believe, the 600 which requires no assembly is 699 I’m pretty sure

260xl would be enough for what you got going now and you can add another layer. If you got the cash, 600 is a beast and will cover you to a point if you like this and decide to expand to more plants

2 xls will also let you expand and at your chosen rate

In the interest of transparency I am a noob still in the research stage so I don’t really know anything from grow experience but everything I’ve read has led me to advise you as such if I’m wrong I’m sure the experts here will let us know

Yeah, you need/will need more light. I’d look at something cheaper than the HLG line although a lot of people on here swear by them. I started with this one but switched to this one for my second tent.

Hope this helps and good luck!

PS - I don’t think just cuz it’s ‘lanky’ doesn’t mean it’s a male. When I got the SF-1000, I tried to follow the manual which called for like 45% light power. Mine began growing like yours. Tall and lanky. I bumped it up to 100% and didn’t have a problem on a my second plant. Cheers!

Mars Hydro lights also do just fine.


If you plan to transplant you can bury a fair portion of that stem and get it growing right again if I understand the other cases of stretching that I have read

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Yeah no doubt, a gram per watt yields you about an ounce on a good day with 45 watts my friend. If money is tight go with what has been tried and proven for decades. A good research starter point for a tight budget would be a 600 watt MH HPS combo. Try the “I power” on eBay they go for bout 120 bucks and will yield pounds so I’m told. And as Mr Wormwood stated replant and bury the stem to about an inch and a half from your first set of leaves. And I would do that asap

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I think I’m getting the hang of this

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@Lexiemurray the HLG 135 V2 R-Spec would be a good choice for your 2x2 space. From start to finish and will grow quality buds , you are looking at about 200 bucks.
Just my thoughts good luck


@Dankloud just made a serious upgrade in his 2x2. If recall correctly 2 qb288 with a single driver mounted side by side?

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