Does she look ready yet or not?

I was wondering if she is ready to be harvested. She sprouted around January 30th. She is a white widow auto flower has been in flower for about a month to a month and a half roughly.I keep trying to get good clear pictures but this is the best I can get with what I have. I keep looking up jewelers loupe/ magnifiers on line but all have bad reviews.

Is she done or do I let her keep going?


This is the one I use.


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I’ll look that one up I appreciate it!!!

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I appreciate it! I was watching some videos earlier and reading. My girl kind a looks like the second to last picture from the bottom LOL


Your plant is getting close.

Here is a video to watch about what you should beginning to see. Just remember, the guy producing the video has been growing for years: HOW TO GROW WEED EASILY (AUTOFLOWERS)... JUST ADD WATER: WHEN TO HARVEST GROWING ORGANICALLY. EP4 - YouTube

Growing is Learning!


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Awesome!! I appreciate it! I’ll watch this in a bit!:+1:t3:

She looks green , 4 more weeks

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OK cool, so about another month? And should I keep her in the dark for two days prior to the harvest or it doesn’t matter with autos?

I like doing it myself it’s all to personal preference

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Ok cool! I was just wondering. Iam actually battling fungus gnats now😡 about to water with mosquito bits . The larvae have stopped my plants from growing and the leaves are turning yellow

Let your medium dry out alil

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Your plant looks like it’s starting senescence. There’s no way I would let it go another 4 weeks unless I was making seed. Your last trichome shot is showing amber. Your first one looks very clear. I like cloudy/amber, but it’s personal preference.

Point is that you’re within days of harvest, not weeks.

A few days in the dark before harvest is fine. At a minimum, I harvest at the end of a dark period before the space heats up and terpenes start getting volatized.


I was thinking the same about harvest time. Iam thinking about tomorrow or Saturday. I really appreciate your advice!!

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Agree with @KeystoneCops you’re within the window. Great job!

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That may be a little soon. Let the plant do it’s thing.

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I appreciate it! This is my first real grow and Iam trying to learn good ways to go about the whole process.

Scratch the day or two LOL it was auto correct I didn’t read it when I sent it. A week? Iam not sure

Oh yeah mr Canuck! I watch his videos!:+1:t3: