Does real Columbian gold exist anymore?

I found this website last week and joined because I’ve been looking at weed stuff online lately. I’m 54, haven’t smoked pot in years, and I’m about to move to a place where it’s legal to smoke and grow so I’ve been looking around at stuff all over. Does real Columbian gold exist anymore? I’m talking the kind with lots of seeds, that’s all yellow gold, & tastes really really good. I’ve seen seed sites that claim they have it but the pics of the bud they produce never look like the real thing.


Unfortunately anything you find is a reproduction, I don’t think it exists as the past strain it once was.


Hello covertgrower, thanks for the response even though it wasn’t the one I was looking for.

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If you search specifically for cannabis landraces, you’ll find some seedbanks that sell things closer to what you’re looking for. I’d throw some caution out there though. Landraces are domesticated cultivars, but they can be much harder to grow than a modern hybrid.

My advice is get a beginner-friendly cultivar, learn the ropes, get a few successful harvests under your belt, and meanwhile collect seeds from all over.


Hi Keystone,

I’ve read that they are much harder, that they take longer to flower and I’ve seen other reasons. I just wanted to see if it was possible to get it anymore & try and grow it once I get out of SC and get to Maine. I remember when I was young and would try to grow Columbian gold plants. They would sometimes get 4 feet tall but I never got any flowers??? Maybe because MA had too short a growing season? That was back when you could buy it for $20 a half. They also had the tendency to get eaten by bugs. I was young and would try anything but didn’t have much success when it came to flowering plants that would actually get you high. I see some of the grows on here and my wife are I sitting here going OMG!