Does peroxide kill helpfull bacillus?

I’m in late flower, been spraying both diluted hydrogen peroxide and Spinosad bacillus. I wonder if the peroxide kills off the bacillus? How long does peroxide last as an active ingredient after it has been sprayed? Should I wait some time (days?) before spraying the bacillus?
Just a thought.

What’s up :v: I’ve never dealt with it but @PurpNGold74 @Gremmall @GreenJewels @LoCoRock @Myfriendis410 @Hogmaster could probably help you.

Myfriends410 had me do a 50/50 water/peroxide spray , then wait 24 hours to apply the captins jack, then repeat 5 days later with safer


H202 starts to break down pretty fast once it hits the air. I would think it would kill the bacillus if sprayed immediately afterwards. Waiting a day to spray the H2O2 is sufficient.