Does Ozone effect THC levels?

I had my previous harvest ruined by mold so this time around I decided to add a UV Ozone generator to the room where I dry my buds. I left it on for 48h straight to make sure everything was dead and now it is on a 15min on 1 hour off timer. I know ozone effects the smell of the bud, mine already smell less powerful than before the ozone treatment, but does it also effect the THC levels? I’m ok with not having the best smelling buds if that means no mold but I’m a bit less ok with degrading my THC.

FYI the room is not connected to my house and before entering it I shut down the generator and leave the door opem for at least 30min

Not sure, myself, but to err on the side of caution, I personally chose a plasmawave air cleaner for my grow room. This isn’t to keep grow odors down; my grow tents are in the same room as my cats’ litter boxes.

It’s supposedly nearly as effective as an ozone generator, but safe for humans & animals.

That sounds like a horrible idea, have you not seen Trainspotting??

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What’s a horrible idea?

And nope, never had a desire to watch that movie.

SPOILER ALERT !!! :slight_smile: The heroin addict in it catches toxicplasmosis after the cat that he was NOT tending to properly because it was his ex’’s contaimenated his enviorment and suffered with an abscess in the Brian and dies and his body not found for days. Nasty scene…urrrrg

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I’m not so sure Trainspotting is the most credible source of information :rofl:


Pfffft, didn’t need to watch that movie to know about toxoplasmosis. Lol!

But, I see where you were going with that. :joy:

The plasmawave will kill any airborne pathogens. As long as I wash my hands and don’t shove cat poo into wounds or orifices, I think I’ll be fine. :joy::joy::joy:


I certainly was not implying anything… Just telling you what he was talking about…lol

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