Does my pruning look okay

Looks good

Thank ya. Trying my best to adjust to being inside. I’ve gained a whole new respect for the whole process. Alot more to it than i ever expected.

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The figurines and landscape details must consume a lot of time. :camping: Love it

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Thank you Beardless, and yes they do always getting knocked around and such. But its a habit and i get enjoyment from it.:blush:

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Quick question, I would love to do this crazy 30 colas a plant stuff, but i spend alot of time with my girls and it seems to me the 8 I’ve got started (nice and evenly) will be enough to keep me busy, especially when you take into account that i have 4 plants to do that with, then another 4 or 5 autos running, so i dont get low on meds halfway thru this grow, i just dont want to bite off more than i can chew and would rather grow a few plants properly than 30 half ass. Do you think this is logical or am i just stoned?

My thinking is in line with yours. First off, one only needs so much for personal use with some extra to give away. I grow because I enjoy growing nice, healthy, productive plants. And, the challenge of improving. I only grow a few plants at a time. I enjoy the pruning and training part of the process. I normally use the manifold form and start with the traditional 8 main colas. However, once they start growing I always end up with many more.
I will be starting a few granddaddy purple soon. I will only be growing three (possibly four if I grow one as a clone donor). Maybe I will adhere to eight colas on a couple and 16 on another. The 16 colas will be in a 3x3 and should fill it up nicely.

Sounds like you have more than a few grows under your belt already. I’ve grown, let me rephrase that, I have packed a few hundred buckets of water along the way in life and basically watched quite a few grow. But this is only my second go at providing everything for them. First wasn’t anything to write home about they were all autoflowers and the best plant was only 3 ounces or so. So i decided it best to research and do my homework a little better before trying again. So thats what has consumed my summer/fall. And now I’m ready to try again. Hopefully this will work out a little better and at least keep me in my meds thru out a third grow, California Dream by ILGM, planned for march

Hey, 3 zips is respectable. I have only been at it a couple of years. I expanded my gardening hobby when I retired.

I got sick a couple years ago. Went back and forth and back and forth from one dr. to the next without anything getting better. I’ve been a 6am boots on the ground, dozer fired up and pushing 7 days a week guy for the past 23 years But it come to a halt 2 September’s ago when it took 3 labor hands to pack me to my truck. I gave up on the medical “professionals” and just started praying ALOT. And this is where its led me so far. The only relief for my paralyzed stomach that i have found to date.

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Damn - Sorry to hear about your troubles friend. That sounds horrible.
Glad you found something that works for you.
You came to the right place to maximize your efforts and be successful in your endeavor!

Your girls are looking good and healthy!
Are those two in the same container? I hope it’s big!!
'cause those ladies are gonna be!! :joy:

Keep on posting and keep us in the loop - everybody here wants to help you succeed!!

Thank you it is nice to have somewhere to ask questions as they come up and yes they are in 40 gallon pots, was originally only going to have 1 plant per bag but then realized i was in a 10x10x8 foot basement and not outside so i had to try and “use up some real estate” i had them started in a cut solo cup, inside a 1 gallon bag, inside a 5 gallon bag then 2 of those into the 40 gallon, dont know how good they will do but im gonna give it a shot. I was afraid of overwatering with that large of a pot. But have built a spraying type of set up that mists them once a day for a few minutes And every few days i give them a little as they need it.

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