Does my plant look okay?

A question from a fellow grower:

I’m a virgin concerning this topic. Attached is a picture of 2 weeks from seed to sprout. Does it look normal? Should there be worried about the yellowing edge of the original real leaf? It appears that new leaves are growing well.
Using a 3ft Cash Box 4.0 and following your growing guide.

Did you have lights on 24 hr light? What soil are you using??

About 13hrs, hydro w/ ph near 6.2.

If your using hydro then the ph is a little on the high side. I don’t grow with it but everyone I’ve seen and read growing with that medium sets theirs between 5.7 to 6.0 but the high side is when they get older into flower. How long has it been like this?

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The leaves look like heat burn did you have to to close to lights? You only have lights on13 hours? You can even get ph a little lower then 5.7 im not sure with out looking to see how low you can get it

Thanks ccqm7777, meikea & tlkbear! I took your advise and lowered the pH and raised & increased the lights. I’m now running ~6.0pH, 18" light hight and 20/4 cycle. Literally overnight she responded and sprouted about 3 more pair of leaves.

Thx again!!

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What’s the themperature in surrounding area?

It’s in a 3 ft grow box with fan, air pump and light strip . I’ve been able to keep the temp around 77’ F. I’m tryin to cool it down a bit and it seems to be working. What would you recommend for temp? I’ve read anywhere from 63 to 79+.

Thx for your interest in my first time out, any and all suggestions are very much appreciated.


I meant 71 degrees F for my temp.

Your ok at 71. I’m glad things are getting better

Pleae do not recommend to new growers that they can go below 5.7 for hydro PH. 5.8 is optimum. Until you have several successful grows, you should attempt to keep a constant 5.8 - 6.0 PH 5.6-5.7 is OK, but do not get lazy.

I see nothing wrong with the plant, and I do not understand why some members are asking “moot” questions.

I still am not sure if you are in hydro or not; Due to all the sideways, off topic replies.

Glad to help if you want. Looks fine so far. I am concerned with the ?“rapid rooters”? being so dry. Is that what you are panted in?

Thanks latewood, the system is Hydro. Plenty of H2O for the rapid rooters.