Does my plant look healthy

I want to know if my plant is healthy and why it hasnt harvested since it sprouted on 12/4/15 and is wondering what could be wrong or wait it out


You have a month old plant and it’s healthy is there an actual question here? Is it an auto flower is there some reason you would expect it to be ready in a month?
You have me at a loss?

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@Donaldj it’s about 2 months old and I was wondering should I keep feeding its veg nutes and when should I stop feeding it’s veg nutes, this is the plant that you told me to flush.

Yes it’s an auto flowering

It looks to have recovered nicely and is growing fine keep feeding it the plant will get bigger and when you think it is as large as you want start adjusting nutrients towards flowering mix for a week or more then switch light cycle

If it’s an auto keep givivng veg nutes until it starts flowering showing it’s sex

So when I switch I read to flush and stop feeding for the 2 weeks before I start feeding it flowering vegs, what nutes should I use for flowering stage should I also change light schedule even though it’s a auto

Your plant will consume leftover vegging nutrients in the soil as long as what it needs is there it will make use of it. what are you currently using? I grow using GH flora series and AN 3 part

@Donaldj i been using fis emulsion works GREAT I was going to get fox farms big

Lots of N very low P-K so my GH line up in veg is grow 2-1-6 micro 5-0-1 Bloom 0-5-4
during veg 1-2 tsp 5-10ml a gal grow, 1-2 tsp 5-10ml micro and 2-5ml bloom plus 1 tsp cal-mag every second feeding.
flower my grow is weened off by week 2 dropping from 10ml to 5ml micro remains the same bloom goes up to 10-15ml plus I add in terpinator.
N is primarily for healthy leaves p-k are for roots and plant structure fruits and flowers
You will need to consider this when picking a bloom fertilizer 5-15-14 a fairly close P-K a considerably lower N but strength of mix is based on your plant strain and size they are all different

You confused me with all the numbers lol so I should look for a bloom fertilizer that has low n and high p-k where can you get magnisium and calcium

Espsom salt or you get Cal-mag which is an actual plant additive