Does my plant look healthy?I've been growing it for 3-4 weeks


A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

Does my plant look healthy? I’ve been growing it for 3-4 weeks.


welcome to the forum. for 4 weeks it should be bigger …. is that 4 weeks since it broke ground? Are you growing with lights or are you letting the sun do its job?


I imagine the OP meant 4 days. For 4 days, yes your plant looks healthy.


If its for days then yes it looks healthy but looks to be streaching a bit
If your using lights get them a little closer if not get them in a spot they can get min 8 hours direct sun :sunny:
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Honestly join forum! I couldnt grow ivy much less cannabis until i came here. On my third grow & such fun! Also you get to show off your girls & being in an illegal state its a plus!


No it’s been about 3-4 week’s. I’m growing indoors.


What lighting are you using? Honestly should be much bigger.


My closest light. I mean it’s still alive. It’s crazy.


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You already have joined by participating. You need to get that baby more light. T5s are good for closet grow.


Even a large cardboard box lined with foil and a CFL grow bulb would work till early veg. She is not getting light energy.


Following - I do have a green thumb however I got 5 PH all germinated within 24 hours, put them in starter medium - Black Gold Starter mix - after 14 days all but one has died - they looked stunted got their feeder leaves and first set of singles then just did nothing - I am protecting the last one like crazy - I started off with T8 lights - switched to LED’s about 19 inches from plant 9W bulbs, as of this morning I switched out the fixtures to T5 - 6 bulb four foot grow lamp not sure how high to place the fixture - I am really disappointed that I had to sit and watch the 4 wither up and die - the one left the feeder leaves were stuck to the seed shell I gentle removed it, the feeders were yellow and past tense so should be no harm done. But they just look stunted and haven’t grown.