Does messing up during flowering stage change the amount of time it will take to get to harvest

i’m sure that others wonder about this so this is a question for those who have a lot of grows under their belts.

i have messed up my plants in flowering in two different ways, one i have overwatered and two i have over nuted. this strain is supposed to have an 8 week flowering time and yes, i know that is just an estimate. my plants took a week off growing to get it back together and start growing again. does this mean that now it is a “guesstimate” 9 weeks of flowering or does it mean it will still be 8 weeks but have smaller buds? this is important to me for timing when i start the next set of plants to germ in veg tent. i don’t want to be chasing plants out of the flowering tent before they are ready.

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If you have photos just let them grow a little bigger

Messing up usually stalls the plants a bit. A big screw up will reduce yield/quality.

As for 8 weeks… I have yet to flower for just 8 weeks.


Can mean all of the above. I would say its probably more common for “issues” to result in plants stalling and finishing quicker or having reduced yield than going longer than they would have normally. But you’ll see plants go longer than suggested flowering time regularly, with or without issues.


thanks for the input gang, two of three of my problem plants are starting to come around and have trichomes starting on them and the pot is starting to lighten up almost to next feeding so that is good. one of the plants still has a heavy pot and i’m afraid it’s not going to make it.

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@monkman if the pot is still heavy from watering if you can with out messing up your plants and you have a pot that drains well trying tilting it to see you if get excess water from the bottom of the pot sometimes water will sit half way in the pot if water doesn’t come out when tilting the pot you can also take your hand and break up the top layer of the soil and it will help air flow through the soil another way to do it is you can poke holes around the sides of your pot if it is plastic and it will help air flow through the soil or you can raise your pot off the ground and the air flow under the pot will help dry out the soil I have had to do these growing other plants indoors

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thanks for the ideas @wildride420. it is not heavy enough to get water out of it, it has been 8 or 9 days since i fed it too much liquid bloom. it is just too much for it for it to be watered yet. the other two plants that i did that to are coming out of it better than this one, have trichomes on buds and will need to be fed liquid bone meal tomorrow i suspect. and yes i will be giving 1/2 dose instead of 3/4 dose like i did to hurt them with the liquid bloom.

If you used to much nutrient on the plant you flush it with water and it wit rinse the soil of the nutrients

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I’m still new to growing indoors with cannabis but that pretty much same method as any other plant I grown indoors lol

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