Does lst extend growing time

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Does lst extend growing time

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Only way lst can extend growing time is giving you more height to work with as you are pulling down branches.

But LST will increase yields.


Nooot. This technic is not extend time its increasing yields

No, absolutely not! I’m growing unnaturally oversize plants that are gonna be topped on every branch to create a plume, or “sphere” of buds, instead of unnaturally long branches with buds only on the very end of the branches, as everything else would be dwarfed by lack of light. They’re taller than me at the time being, but not for long! I still have a month and a half before I move them in and out of darkness to trigger the flowering hormone.

If left to themselves, extensive tying and branch breakage will occur.

By topping the plant it’s structure will be more than adequate to support all the weight.

I don’t know how to grow without some kind of pruning! Otherwise you’ll have the above stated conditions, not to mention all the tiny buds left behind and shaded by the outer growth of the plant.

I found growing them extra large and topping has improved yield exponentially.

This does not apply to natural sized plants, they’re better off leaving the tops alone!

Overall size and circumference determines the necessity of pruning.

On indoor grows I bend the fan leaves away from covering the bud, pulling them down and under the bud helps the bud and not the leaf.

They only way to extend growing time is with your lighting however if indoor you are in more control of how big you want them
Most people go 4 weeks vegg time before they switch to flower
So in away you could extend your grow time by using lst by keeping them shorter depending on your ceilings height you could veg for longer to increase your yields