Does LED light bars work

Question I have light bars that are used for bow fishing that I don’t use anymore will they work as grow lights. They are extremely bright

Almost definitely not would be my opinion

I’m thinking that the leds in quality grow lamps are specialized specifically for growing

I could be wrong but I don’t it

:+1: I use 600 watt hps lights now which are great just hot here in the south. They were just laying around and thought I might could put them to use

We can ask @dbrn32 whay he thinks

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You can probably veg a plant with that kind of light, but it’s less than optimal.

You won’t be able to flower the plant with that light.


:+1: thanks

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What are the specs on them? This is typically a warm white cct and the good ones are decent efficacy. If you have enough of them would probably do a decent job for you.

RAW Lumens: 50"= 27,000 lm

Wattage: 36W-300W
-Color: 6000K
-Amp Draw: 3.0A-25.0A
-Voltage: 9V-32V
-IP Rating: IP67

See that’s why I called him, he knows stuff and I don’t necessarily

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Yeah at that color you could veg but won’t flower well at all. You’re looking for around 3000k for flower


10-4 thanks for the info


Like the others say, would make nice veg light. I see they are dc to dc drivers, so you would need a pretty big power supply to run them.


what does that 3000k actually mean, forgive me too

It’s the color temperature. The higher the kelvin, the more blue spectrum it has all the way up to ultraviolet. The lower the kelvin (k), the more red spectrum it has all the way down to infrared. Blue dominant spectrum is good for veg, red dominant spectrum good for flower. 3000k- 3500k lights can do both



now there is something to think about i thank you @BobbyDigital

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@BobbyDigital so if you get a 3000 to 3500k does than mean the light would be in the tungston halogen bracket. forgive me if im way out

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Those are just examples to help you understand the different spectrums. All lights will have their color temp on them. Like I have quantum board LEDs in 3000k, 3500k, and the the rspec which are 3500k with 660nm deep reds diodes and bspecs which are 3500k with 470nm blue diodes. Also have a UV bar at 18000k

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i have these and i do think i need some uv bars too but im running 2 maxis and 6x600w hps but can you tell me what spetium the maxis are ?