Does it Stop With Three?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

“I purchased the white widow feminized … They germinated perfectly … My question is how many leaves should it have … There is three leaves on each branch … Is that correct ?”

I think posting a picture of help you . I’m a new grower , but I’m sue on of the expert’s will help you . I srsrtedt WE abouta month ago and although ther look incredible the first leaves don’t resemble marijuana but the next do , don’t t remove them , there ful of nutrients that are needed when seedlings , wait until they fall off by themselves. As I stated earlier I’m no expert so let the more experienced grower chime in, everyone here so so help full , they enjoy helping , I’ve never experienced any poor advice, this FORUM is incredible
Good luck :slight_smile: MB

To early to tell - Agree with above Need a picture - the top (Crown may be three leaves depending on the strain) - Just give it two weeks and see how the next rows come out -

You’ll get all kinds of crazy numbers later on. Right now that’s all your little plant can handle.

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