Does it matter when to transplant

Hey all I’m wondering when the best time to transplant is, I have 2 little plants in one 2 gallon pot on both plants you can barely see the 4th node coming out I’m transplanting to vivosun 5 gallon grow bags but am curious if it’s better to transplant when soil is damp/dry lights on/off I’m not sure if it matter just curious to see what y’all have to say ! Thank

@Noctis420 hey I saw a thread about nutrients and saw your feeding schedule I was wondering if you could help me out I downloaded the bud labs app as you said to in the thread but I just don’t understand it I’m using all advanced nutrients

I have flowering nutrients coming in the mail. I’m just so confused could you help me out ?

Okay on the app says pick your reservoir size I’m mixing with a gallon Arizona bottle cause my plants are still small on the app it’ll said mix 0.13 do oz but I’ve read on here to do a 1/4 of that so what exactly would I feed it @Hellraiser anyway you could help me out

Am I understanding this correctly - both plants are in the same pot? Not good if the roots are intertwined.
The goal is to inflict the least amount of damage to the roots as possible. Also, are the auto or photo. A little more forgiving if a photo because you will have more recovery time. Reply and I will follow up

I am transplanting them right now and I’m not sure I found the seeds in a batch of pineapple upside down cake Sativa I got from Trulieve …

good luck

I just finished. Got the roots separated the best I could no major forcing just a little bit of a shake here and there … we will see what happens.

Great I take it the soil was fairly dry. You aren’t going to do that again - right :sunglasses: :sunglasses:
The way is to soak the soil off. Treat them well…

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The soil was fairly dry! Next time I will use that method. Honestly don’t know why I put 2 plants in one pot I saw it in a book by Ed Rosenthal 3 plants in 1 pot anyways never again… will upload pics here shortly. Obviously I’ll know if I did it right or not :joy::joy:

Also how do I make a grow journal ? Same way I make a topic and hit category and click grow journal?

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Easier to work the app with 4 liters instead of 1 gal so it gives you doses in ml, which is 4ml per 4 liters (a gallon - close enough). So if in week 1, a 1/4 dose would be 1ml per gallon.


You got it right. Or click the 3 little lines beside your avitar top right of page. You will see grow journal, click it, and make new topic. @ArtVandelay

Okay so anyway you could give me an example for a feeding schedule. So I have sensi grow a&b and sensi cal mag xtra (veg) I would put 1ml each per gallon? I don’t get it lol I’m sorry :pensive: for flower I have big bud bud candy sensi bloom a&b I’m not there yet but trying to get a feel for what I need to do to feed the girls

@Hellraiser this is what BudLabs says

So would I quarter the dose which would equal 1ml each correct or no please help :joy:

There is the key word Ed… Ed was one of a kind and could magic

What exactly does that mean haha

@hellraiser or is that 4ml total for week 1 ? So confused

I highly recommend you read Hellraisers grow guide.

I did, and follow it to a T. Great stuff in it, Q&A, experiments, old school stories, equipment, etc…

Am very happy I did! :smile:

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Thank you @Zee I’m going to start a grow journal here soon once I get all my equipment in… I’ll be sure to tag you when I do !

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It means you are no Ed Rosenthal, nor am I :wink::wink:

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