Does it look like there's any mold on this

Been reading up on mold and now a have a mold phobia…Please tell me if it looks like any kinda of mold on here don’t worry about the little bit of white at the tip that’s was a little light bleaching. But it seems as it drys or cures it gets frostier and just want to make sure there’s no mold sometimes my humidity can reach 60.

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I think it’s covered in mold, man! I’m a certified mold disposal expert. Send it to me, and I’ll get rid of it for you :wink:

Looks good to me :+1:

I dont see anything that stands out from your pic… but you should try to get that humidity down to 30% if possible… :wink:

Looks frosty… :grin:


30 percent wow that would be one hot room

Crack a bud in half and see if you get a puff of the white mold spraying out, or you should see mold on the inside. Those couple white spots on the outside doesn’t look like mold, but I don’t know.