Does grow room size affect size of plants?

Does the size of my grow room affect the size of my plants?
I have been growing autoflowers in a converted double door fridge, but they never seem to grow very big (around 1 foot tall)
I do use LST training quite heavily as I do not have a lot of vertical room, but I expected my plants to basically fill the entire space.
Room specs and equipment used are:
82cm W x 54cm D x 92cm H (2.6ft W x 1.7ft D x 3ft H)
Light: Dakason KS-1000
Extractor: Prima-Klima pk100-tc
6in Oscillating fan
4in x 12in carbon filter
4in Ducting
Grown in 20L (5 Gallon) fabric pots
Medium: Canna Terra professional
Nutrients: Full range from Canna

Autos in general don’t get very big, of course there’s an exception to every rule. Some strains are bigger than others and with inadequate lights they will stretch out like any other plants will. If it were me I would put a photo in there just remember once they are switched to flower they will grow 20-50% of their current size. I generally allow my plants to get about 2/3 the size I want them to end up and it seems to work 9 out of 10 times


Yeah I’m planning on doing a photo run once I’ve used up my auto seeds.
But I have seen auto’s grow easily 2-3ft tall (mostly on youtube - bill ward, mr. canucks grow etc) so just wondering why I’m not getting similar results. Admittedly I’m fairly new to growing but there’s a huge difference in what I’m producing compared to what I’ve seen other people do

I’ve been growing for over 30 years and I’m just about two weeks from growing my first autos because I always thought that they would be a waste of time and that the people who grew them were just impatient and didn’t want to wait the extra 4-6 weeks for photos lol so I’m not a auto expert by the furthest imagination. I’m not sure if it’s a strain or a feeding difference the few autos that I’ve seen that were bigger plants. Could be a camera thing to I’ve seen some I thought were big and they were only 3 ounces dried :thinking: I can’t tell you 4sure

Which is why I’ve decided to grow some of my own to see with my own eyes what’s what.