Does Gold Leaf easily produce feminized pollen?

This is a strain related question about ILGM Gold Leaf and using it to feminize other females. Does it produce a usable and collectable amount of feminized pollen when exposed to colloidal silver, or is there a recommended method for producing pollen sacs that is better. I have had some strains that give nice sized pollen sacs and usable pollen, while others have just been ‘nanners’ and can not be saved for later grow.


Do any of you have any experience with femininizing this strain or recommendation of its viability? @Myfriendis410, @Killadruid, @Hogmaster, @ILGM.Roy, @imSICKkid , @dbrn32, @HornHead lease add anyone who may have experience with producing feminized pollen for seed production.


@Verndoc I think breeds

That breeds but I have not tried it yet

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Sorry can’t help. I’m not really into breeding, and would likely just do it with regular male and female plants if I was to try.


You would be better off finding a mother plant and puke out clones for the next 20 years haha. The further down the genetic chain (breeding back) the more twitchy they’re gonna get. Gold Leaf is such a monster that would lend itself to cloning. Great cultivar: almost a White Widow.


I do not breed…plants - let’s be clear here :grinning::grinning:


Sorry. Thought you did. Hard to remember everyone and everything about them

I usually like to produce a few grams of feminized pollen with each introduction of a new hybrid, so that I can store and use it down the road if I have traits in another female that I like and want to pass along. I breed the phenotypes that do well indoors under my conditions, and possess desired characteristics (THC%, CBD%, terpenes, height, yield, flower density, stress tolerance, etc.)


I haven’t tried to gather pollen from a Gold Leaf but have grown quite a few plants of that strain. It’s an incredibly vigorous plant for a feminized hybrid and heavy yields with high THC levels. It’s a good choice if you want pollen.

I was lookin through my older pics and found an example of Feminized WW the I did a wile back using Colloidal Silver. She produced 500+ seeds on her own, and gave plenty of pollen that I’ve used to make at least 20 different strain combinations each with about 50 viable seeds from each combo. @Myfriendis410, @HornHead, @AAA, @MrPeat, @kellydans, @TDubWilly, @Haildamaged


I tried colloidal on an outdoor skunk plant for almost a month and she wud not turn!

Nice wor.

Thanks for the tag, you should be set for a long time with seed. Sounds very interesting.

I would always recommend that a grower actually produce some seeds using both Male and feminized pollen just to keep extra seeds on hand for a rainy day. I select short stocky males that are fast producing pollen, and females that have characteristics that I want to pass along traits to.

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I’ve yet to find that one magical strain that I would t mind growing as my only strain. If I ever do, things may change. I already have over 400 seeds and well over 100 different strains.

Sounds like you’re on top of your game and also enjoying what you’re doing. when I get to that point you’re going to be the person I tag @Stonedrus thanks