Does cured marijuana lose potency over time?

I have some of my private stock cured in mason jars from 2019 and 2020 that are sealed and kept at 62% humidity. The plants are from the same batch of seeds and were grown outdoors in near identical conditions, so they are essentially identical crops. I’ve noticed that the 2019 doesn’t appear to be as strong as the 2020 crop when smoked.

Is this to be expected and does cured marijuana have a “best used by” date?

Should I use the 2019 crop as the basis for making canna butter? Or just smoke a lot of it and have a good time?


That’s actually unlikely. The seeds might be siblings (can we be certain that they are?) but even siblings display a large degree of genetic diversity. The underlying assumption is probably incorrect, and that alone could explain your observations.

I don’t think anyone here has experience with lab testing clonal crops for chemical changes over time, but maybe you can find research somewhere more academic.

Edit: I’d search terms like “cbn conversion” and “THC degradation.”


My basic question was asking if anyone has found a way to keep their harvests longer before the thc degrades? Is there a way to augment just storing it in a humidity controlled mason jar? I grow more than I can consume in a year so I’m looking for any insight.

Should I freeze a portion of my harvest? Don’t know if kitchen hacks like using a piece of bread or an apple slice have any effect?

Ideas? Thoughts?

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I’m going to direct you to this post:


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