Does Co-co growing medium need to be watered daily?

I read lately that if you use Co-co as a growing medium it should be watered daily. Anyone have an input on this. I usually wet my plants, water or water and nutrients, about every 3 days. This makes it 9 days between feedings. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Coconut coir is hydrophilic, unlike dry peat/sphagnum moss which is hydrophobic, especially when totally dried out.

What this means is that coco absorbs and holds onto water very easily. And as such, it needs to be treated just like soil or most hydrophilic soil-less media. And it should be watered to full saturation, and then not watered again until almost totally dry. this might be every day in some cases, and it might be once a week, or even less often, in others. This will depend on the size of the container, the size and development of the plant, and how much water it uses depending on its stage of growth.


Thanks for the response. I water my plants every 3 days almost constantly but every once in a while I wait 4 daysfor a plant. I go by the moisture in the top 3 inches of growing medium and mostly by the weight of the plant and container. I am growing in 2 1/2 gallon pots and when I fed or water I always use 1/2 gal of water or nutrients (fed, water, water). This system has been working great so from what you say I am just going to keep on with what I am doing. By the way, I just had a great harvest of Gold Leaf using this method. I am about to do a complete crop of Gold Leaf. You can probable tell me, does it SCrog well? Thanks man. Keep it green

Judging when the soil is mostly dry by weight is about the best way to do it.

Gold leaf responds in a ScrOG amazingly.


I am going to SCrog my next Gold Leaf grow which will start in about 3 weeks. I don’t know how I can check my water or nutrient needs of I can no longer take the plants and lift them to check their weight. I have never done a SCrog before so I guess I will have a learning experience won’t I.

Stupid question, after watering and the run off water is tested. My plants are not sitting in the run off, I have them elavated quite a bit. Do I need to dump the run off or can I leave it. My humidity is 46 and temps are 77.

There’s not that much runoff in the trays only 1/8 of an inch or less.

I’m growing in 5 gallon fabric pots, with coco coir n perlite, using MH lights, 10 days into vegatative.

Leaving standing pools of water, especially if they have organic material in them, is generally not really a good idea. It can leave a breeding ground for molds or pests.

However a clean open container of water is often used to try and increase humidity, but again this is usually clean water and the container and water are kept clean to avoid the aforementioned problems. Also, often a towel is used as a wick into the container and is propped up on something, again to increase the water evaporation to help raise the humidity, and again the towel would be cleaned and or replaced with a clean one regularly to prevent the mold or pests.


Thanks much

So far despite a handful of mistakes the seem to be ok. I transplanted them today, way to early from solo cups after the got knocked over. I figured since they were basically out I should transplant.

You have a really good point about the water being dirty, not so good for my room.

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Sorry guys, realized I went totally off topic. I’m learning. :nerd_face:

It was my fault :slight_smile: Didn’t realize I was replying to a post from October in my above statement lol

I made a couple of mistakes when starting with coco as well. It is so far my favorite method of growing besides outdoors lol. Like I said earlier I find drain to waste to be the most effective way of watering coco. Never flush it with plain water though until you are nearing harvest. If you have to flush do it with 1/4 strength nutes. While not needed I would suggest using Nutrients designed to be used with Coco.

I’ve seen mention of wet/dry vacs to suck up excess water,too.

I am still a Novice but have been experimenting with a better
way to Flush without having to move plants

I have tried a couple ways to feed and flush using a Scrog, Its still

My first approach was the wet-dry Vac it worked fine but slow
since you have to keep stopping to Vac the tray.

I have now moved to my second upgrade which was to a add to
the DRAIN TRAY a fitted drain plug with Plastic Drain Line, This
line is then run down into a bucket.

Now I only need to attach line and water, Run-off flows into bucket.

Next I was looking into a flow meter (19.95) that can be placed in line
and will measure the amount of liquid that has gone through meter.
using this I would not have to measure, I can just run the water through
until meter reads amount needed.

Additionally I found it hard to water/feed since my screen is only 7 in above soil.
to help with this I have started using, don’t laugh, a NEW 1 gal enema bag,
these can be hung and filled with 1 gal liquid they have a clear ¼ in plastic
hose with a start/stop clip at end. Very easy to water with since the hose
is somewhat stiff and can be directed very easily. I will be adding a small
¼ inch drip hose to the end, enough drip hose to circular the plant so there
is even saturation, once that is installed I may be able to easily
feed/water/flush plants in my closed and only have to add the liquid to the
top of the enema bag (has large mouth funnel attached for filling) and empty
the drain bucket when finished

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Great way to run a drain to waste! I love how you made sure to make new all caps lol. I have my fabric pots sitting on those containers for milk from the supermarket. It is sturdy and has holes in it already. I cut one side out of them and have buckets under them to catch the run off. To water I hand mix daily and use a large turkey baster to apply the nute mix. Much like your bag idea it allows me to control the amount of water where I want for an even watering.

So funny, that’s exactly what I did.

Love the enema bag idea. Got to get one.