Does Cloning in soil work?

If you’ve noticed any of my posts you’ll see that I have to be the most unlucky asshole around.

I’ve tried every method of cloning I’ve read about eexcept soil and have only managed to kill every clone I’ve tried to start. Sooo, I’m going to try soil this time. (Soil is also the only way I’ve been able to get reliable germination.)

Here’s the approach I’m trying. Over the past 2 days I’ve pruned and trained all of the 4 plants in this grow. As I got to lollipoping and get rid of some of the lower limbs I picked the best coming off the main stem to clone. So as not to get too many things happening at once I took the sprigs I mean to clone and set them aside in small cups of distilled water after I trimmed the leaves back. This has kept the sprigs from wilting.

Tonight I’m going to set the sprigs into 16 oz styro cups of starter soil after dipping them in cloning gel. From this I’m going to move the prospective clones into the darkest corner of the grow tent where they’ll grt the part of light from the white LED side lights in the tent from there it will just be wait and see.

I’d very much like to hear from anyone out there who is or has cloned in soil.

Peace and Happy toking.

Every clone I have ever done I’ve done in soil an everyone of them have lived an thrived

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just a few thoughts , try this its simple to do cut one clone dip it in gei,or powder
’tap excess off and place in medium asap ,repeat .“your having problems ,do twice as many as you may need ,go with the strong ones for planting” i found that every minute you wait to get that cut zone covered the less success you’ll have . ps dwc allows you to put them in soil later . and see the roots before you do hope this helps you or some one else out there…no auto rotate here :grin:

Not an auto user myself lol

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I always use fox farms ocean, I know people say it’s to hot. Go read it on their web site. I have never had a clone die. I cut the stem at about 45* the I use a razor to scrape the stem alittle, then split the stem a little bit 3/8" to 1/2" is fine. This gives the stem more area to grow roots from. I use a powder, it’s called garden safe brand. Take root, rooting hormone. Guy at hydro shop uses it so he says.
I cover it with a 2 liter clear soda bottle with top cut off, make sure soil is moist. I mist the inside of the bottle to help water it. I use my veg lights to start them.
Hope this helps.
Ps put the cutting in ph water to keep air away the cut.

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