Does chlorine in water harm beneficial bacteria?

I planted the seed 4 weeks 6 days ago and just showed her gender this morning.
Anyways, I had soil with loads and loads of beneficial bacteria and am concerned if hose water containing chlorine would harm the bacteria/plant. My brother in law used it this morning and I am abit worried, it got over watered aswell

Many of the additives that make drinking water safe can hurt the plant.

Chlorine is harsh and will slow the plant. Suggest you let water sit for 12 hours to let chemicals evaporate.

Dig a well

Allowing chlorinated water to sit out for 24hours in an open container will let the chlorine dissipate.

Chloramine in water will not dissipate by just sitting out.

1 watering with chlorine shouldn’t effect much.

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You need this:

A single watering with chlorinated water isn’t going to be a big deal. No need to be concerned as long as you don’t keep using it without letting the chlorine evaporate out.