Does changing the light pattern matter? From indoor bringing it to outdoor


Been trying to adjust my indoor plant to not go into bud mode cuz its too early. Want to put it outside and the last time I did that it started to go into bud mode. How can I prevent that and does it harm the plant? Tell me something? Over 2 feet tall American sorry.


In my experience changing light schedule during veg is far less problematic. Know doubt it will cause stress, how much? The closer you can align it with your actual daylight schedule the less stress. The intensity of the outdoor light can also cause stress. Its far better to move them outside when its cloudy or even raining. Do you acclimate them or harden them?
I have never had plants put out in the late spring 5-1-2016 approximately in my area (Seattle) that went immediately into flowering stage. Been doing this for 5-6 years.


Yes - effect is total growing times