Does brown sugar or molasses benefit any

Hi guys just curious if any one here has used this method with any significant results

Molassess help feed micro organism in your soil medium , and has iron , magnesium and calcium to help verses using Calmag , I used 1 ml to a gallon and it did supplement for Calmag , but it don’t make your bud sweeter , the sugar is to large to be absorb , someone just posted this information in the forum recently discussed.

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Thanks yoshi.

Your welcome , I’ll see if I can copy and paste it for you .

Yes, this was linked in another discussion very recently, only a couple of days ago.

But here is the original link from the original discussion about this topic, that was from a little more than a year ago:

And here is the relevant quote:

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And there you have , and if you don’t know , MacG is the forum science officer of the site . This guy is very knowledgable in growing , and this is where most of my growing techniques generate from reading Macgyverstoner information . Him and Latewood will get you from seed to harvest , and drying and curing . Now there are other members that are knowledgable as well . But thank you MacG , I could not find it to try and paste it for him .

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I just recently added molasses but for a specific reason and will only add it once :slight_smile: it helps myko get established in my soil since I was late adding my subculture-m and am using Sunshine mix#4 normaly you add myko when transplanting but I ran out so followed instructions added about 1ml a gal to ensure myko can work it’s way to the roots. It does have it’s uses but not as a regular routine additive I agree with Mac and Latewood promotes bug problems.


Donaldj that’s the 2 DWC buckets I have , and my scrog design before I finished it , it’s finish now , but the general hydroponic bucket will be the one I used in hydro and the black bucket will be what I used to change the reservoir , and I have a 4 inch round air stone , with a pump that has four outlets for air tubes I bought , but I’m thinking I still need a submergable pump to circulate the water also , but I can get it at local hydro store .

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dry run the pump and stone in a bucket it does circulate the water pretty good

No problem Yoshi, I had a hard time finding myself, lol

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I’m not getting it figured out right now .