Does Blue Dream have the Blueberry Muffin phenotype

From a fellow grower: does your strain of blue dream have the blueberry muffin phenotype?

Every plant is different, but should have a berry or blueberry smell to them. Who has grown blue dream? @Missiles?


Not yet I haven’t. I wish! @MattyBear has and @Not2SureYet might have grown blue dream.


Haven’t grown blue dream yet myself, but I’ve definitely had some that tasted like straight blueberry muffins. It was the first time I ever noticed weed tasting like anything other than just… weed… It’s DELICIOUS when it hits right.

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I did a BD almost 3 years ago :smirk: I can still remember it as being the sweetest smelling plant I have done yet. I finally get to do a couple more in a few months. It was also the oiliest plant I have ever harvest. I mean so oily it was like I sprayed it with WD40 :grin: That and an AK-47 I did stand out as my most memorable.

@MrPeat has ran blu dream I think

Yes I have. They smell like a sweet blueberry patch. Very fragrant to me. My Blue Dream is from Humboltd Seed Organization. Its crossed with Blueberry x Selected Haze. That is what they say its crossed with to make Blue Dream. :+1::+1::+1:


Old thread, but ibthink it smells like fruity pebbles

Blueberry muffin? I am not able to answer that specifically. As others here stated-very sweet and the blueberry smell and taste are prevalent. I have heard others comment while I was rolling a joint, a strong smell,almost ‘syrupy.’
I have grown from a clone via a dispensary, and I have grown ILGMs version. Either way, I like it,and it always has a spot at Thunderdome.

SL out.

I wanna grow humboltds blue dream haven’t found where to get the beans. So if you know where to find please do let me know

I used Attitude Seed Bank. But they are also out of stock. You could try ILGM for seeds. :+1::+1::+1:

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