Does Blue Dream auto need special growing help?

I have grown a couple of the BD auto seeds from ILGM and each one has had the same growing issues. I grow other 2-3 other strains at the same time and treat them basically the same. During each Blue Dream grow the leaves go brown quickly and stay that way no matter what I have tried

Autoflower Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil and Fox Farm nuts according to their growing schedule. I have also added CAL/Mag after the problem develops.
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Sounds like they were just more nutrient hungry. Sometimes you get a strain or even a pheno of a strain that just eats alot more.

Blue Dream is a massive producing hybrid, so needing more nutrients is probably a staple of the strain.

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Perhaps, but I am concerned I may hurt the plant even more or burn it with more nuts. But, I guess it’s worth a try.

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Just dont push too hard. Keep an eye on the leaf tips “painted nails”. This indicator will let you know when enough is enough!!

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Do you adjust your solution into range before pouring? If ur not getting it to 6.5-6.8 before adding to soil, its not readily available and plants dont eat

I make sure water PH is 6+ (during veg). then higher during flowering. before adding. And the leaves already are bent. Better pics are attached

What do you mean higher? Why?

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Exactly. In soil, optimal range is 6.3-6.8. In veg its usually on the higher end 6.5+. In flower, people tend to trend lower as P and K are more available sub 6.5.

Your leaves are screaming two things…

First too much Nitrogen. The curling slawed leaves are saying it. And too much N can definitely lock out other nutrients.

Secondly, I think it looks like calcium is not available. Have you been using calmag? If so, in what amounts? If ur sure u are using enough, its possible the excess Nitrogen is simply locking out the calcium


Thanks for the input. Should I flush and re-add nuts in a few days? My initial post was incorrect, this plant is around week 9.

As for PH - I think I need to be more precise.
Not sure where I got this quote from -
PH - 5.7 - 6.5 ok. During veg - 5.5 better, during flowering 6.2

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You are in soil. That is the range for coco growing or hydroponic… soilless mediums.

Soil the window is 6.2-6.8. Higher end for veg. Lower for bloom.

I would DEFINITELY not flush quite yet. Could case more harm then its worth. Plus prematurely hitting reset on your soil midflower can pull other needed nutrients at the most needed time.

Now getting proper numbers would lead to the next step. Try this….

Mix up a batch of nutrients. PH as needed (6.3-6.8… the .8 is fine as uve been a bit low on the spectrum and can use it coming up some). Then test that solution for pH and ppms before pouring. Pour about half SLOWLY in circles. Catch n test that runoff. Then pour the rest and retest.

Report back here tomaro with your findings and we will move forward. Homework! Haha

Also again, any calmag in your cabinet?

Thanks. I’ll do my homework and report back. LOL. I have Cal/Mag, so I should be all set.

Strange my other plants are doing so well. The one on the left side of the pic is Bruce Banner at week 6, the middle is White Willow week 8

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Bruce Banner is another voracious eater. Dont count the chickens before the rooster crows… or some :poop: like that :rofl:

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