Does anyone watch the tv show weeds

One of my favourite usa tv shows is weeds and iZombie does anyone watch these shows .whats ur favourite show to watch when ur stoned wether its a movie or a tv show

My sister in law swore it was based off her life…I said beeach I’d been in it too then!!!

I dig the son who starts selling , he’s cool

The mother is hot but she always ends up in the crap and she is so selfish aswell

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Definitely sounds like my sister in law

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Hahahahaha :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Check out disjointed on Netflix that series was hilarious asf Pete is the grower and dude he is fricken hilarious about his plants. It all about a dispensary /rec shop lol.
Hansel and Gretel get baked was a pretty good movie also.

Wanna watch fun y get high movies.
Half baked
How high
Let me think of more

Yah i have watched that before i laugh my arse off it was funny show

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Weeds is a good show. The last season or two kind of went off the rails a little bit, but its still a great show. I actually just restarted the series the other day


Yeah, we watched it years ago when it was new to Showtime. It’s hilarious.
She was crazy for most of the shows run!
But had no problems gettin’ all nekked at the drop of a hat! :rofl:

Kevin Nealon was perfect in that role.
And when the stuck up neighbor gets kidnapped by the Mexican drug lord and the guard has to “clean he up” after she uses the restroom is freaking hilarious!!
A conversation I want to have with no woman!!

I can’t remember the Latino guys name but he was hilarious too!

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