Does anyone want to weigh in, is this girl ready?

Blue Dream Auto, eighth week of flower. Still lots of white pistils. Trichomes mostly cloudy. @TLC

Looks like it has a couple / few weeks from those pics.

Can you define what you’re looking at when you describe cloudy, are you looking through a jewelers loop or similar and at the bud itself, not the sugar leaves which will turn earlier…?

My blue dream just took 12 weeks lol but that was a photo, looks good tho :+1:t2: Couple more weeks imo

This is the best guide on the net for how to judge harvest time, IMO.

Looking at the bud through a cheap jewelers loop. Look cloudy to me but I’m a rookie. Have a macro lens for my phone on the way.

Thanks for the input I’ll let her go for a while more.

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