Does anyone use Trichoderma?

Does anyone use Trichoderma powder? If so when do you start feeding it and when do you stop? How much for a feeding and how often? Thanks.

I think Mycorrhizae is more common in Cannabis cultivation.
Google Trichoderma vs Mycorrhizae and read the article from Dorraagri dot com.
Its used in cannabis as well but not deemed necessary unless the plant is suffering.


I just checked and its in “Recharge” which many use in cannabis grows.
So I actually have been using it on occasion already.


My guy at the hydroponic store said it would be good to use that a lot of growers are using it in the area. He also gave me another micro mix powder I used when I planted. Just not sure if I want to use what he gave me or just stick to my sho gun nutrients.

You never know till you try. Its supposed to help prevent root rot so I would agree with him.
That article said the Trichoderma species works best after the Mycorrhizae is well established.
Mycorrhizae is in almost all commercial soils now. So I am guessing after a month when the plant is well rooted in the container or soil then add the Trichoderma.
The way I grow now I have not needed any additions for over a year now. But I may use some outside in my veg garden. Tomatoes may do better with it.


As far as I know, Trichoderma effectively controls most of the economically important fungal diseases like Fruit rot caused by Botrytis spp. It also Effectively controls nematodes like Root-knot nematodes and Remiform.
Refference: Trichoderma Harzianum

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Think of the trichoderma as a decomposer to break down amendments. Think of the micorhizae as transporters.

This is true. It seems to work on fungus knat larvae too. I recently had an appearance of knats coincidently the same day I dosed trichoderma. The knats were gone before I could dry the soil to apply BT. I was really surprised. It out competes them for food and I believe decomposes them alive.

I like the geat white for trichoderma it seems to have a very high count on the label. cannot find a count on recharge to compare. I put it on leaf piles in the fall and the rate of decomp is twice as fast with the trichoderma. I always do a control and experiment leaf pile with different compost boosters. Head to head the recharge did not decompose leaves as fast. Still like the recharge, not knocking it. It’s more complete. I am talking about decomposing piles of compost the great white seems to win.


This is really cool and exciting at the same time.