Does anyone use HPS/MH anymore?

So we all know the new crazy in running LED… And I’ve done that and still prefer the buds from a MH/HPS grow. So I’ve been revamping my new grow room (which reminds me of a journal update) but I’ve been buying materials and am basically only stuck on lighting ballast.

Been to HGL and other lighting sites known to have reputable companies… After all we will be needing at least 1000 watts for veg room and was planning on running 2 600 watts for Flower room.
I’ve been going back to Quantum digital ballast, after reading reviews on vivosuns dieing early and others not holding up well…
Heat isn’t a issue as we’ll have that well handled and they’ll all be run through their own vent to handle all of the heat they’ll throw.

Any direction would be appreciated, obviously there is a budget but I’m willing to invest what is needed… Also light will be split onto two seperate individual circuits as I’ve done the power calculations and feel safest doing that or even adding a third for basic outlets and fans.

Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

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I’ll bet there’s a lot of growers in the Northern Tier and Canada that would confirm they use MH/HPS/LEC/CMH etc simply for the heat. In southern climates though it makes heat rejection an additional expense.


True I am a close neighbor to my Canadian friends, so I understand the use of the heat, also why I shouldn’t have issues controlling mine.

Just for the actual wattage of an LED I’d be investing into the 3-4k range for lights…

Where the three light setup I have it budgeted at about 4-600 a light including bulbs and back up ballast for the room… Still a serious investment but nothing compared to LEDs


Same here for me. North of the border.
The exchange on the dollar really kills it.
But the hps / mh combo still is the least expensive up front cost just more to run.
For me. The end result justifies the means.
I’m just about to start with a couple new 600 Nanolux ballasts this next grow as well as my 1000 w magnetic.

Ya I’ve seen the nanolux… The size is awesome not that I need to save it I suppose, but haven’t seen many reviews on them either.

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I’m using lumatek twin output 600w digital ballast. Its running 2 400w mh bulbs in cool tube and will set to 600w for the has bulbs. I like this ballast. It doesn’t run hot just warm to the touch. I ran 240v as amp draw is lower than 120v so easier on my breaker panel.
I also just saw this post is 7 months old

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