Does anyone use gaia green living soil

i had to switch from FFOF to gaia green this grow and plants aren’t doing well.
went from solo cups to 1 gal 3 weeks ago and girls look starved.
the bag says they shouldn’t need nutes for several weeks, yet here i am.
light green tells me lacking N
darker veins tells me lacking M
brown spots on leaves tells my lacking calcium
i have given a light feed of gaia green 4-4-4 and top dressed with worm castings 1 week ago plus today i watered with cal-mag at 5ml/gal.
so i guess my question really is, do i need to add nutes to new bags.
sucks having to switch from a known medium to something new to me.

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Post some pics Growmie :love_you_gesture:


ok people i just learned the answer from one of the best growers around.
gaia green living soil needs nutes after 2 weeks, not the 2 months the the company claims.
just thought i’d put that out there in case anyone else uses gaia living soil

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