Does anyone know what the best grow lights, tents w/ fans, filters..... are?

No joke, they are dirt cheap :open_mouth:

The ph meter is one of you best friend in growing

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You are right either pay for lights or electricity
You can get those lights for 125 a piece new and get started right now and build your leds lights for your next grow

Walmart??? Never thought of that!!! Had sworn off of Walmart years ago, due to crappy Chinese stuff I bought a long time ago… Kitchen towels looked cool, lasted one wash!!! lol But maybe just this one time!!! Maybe they are made some where else other than China… lol

You buy the cmh and run Phillips bulb you will have the hot set up 3100k bulb cheap and works great and you don’t have to spend hundreds on building one


C M H??? what does that mean??? Sorry!!! I never grown under lights before… Totally clueless about in door grows, and pretty clueless about about modern day growin in general, to be totally honest!!! lol


Ceramic metal halide look at the link above at this light You can groom three plants all day long

I absolutely agree about paying for better lights. Just got a qb for myself, but still running blurples in one of my tents. They’ve done me well as beginner lights, but I definitely think they’re only starter lights, meant to be upgraded when skill & budget allow. :grinning:

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I think these guys are right, given your budget and desire for ‘BIG, KILLER BUDS!!! LOL’ CMH is the way to go but you will need the fan sooner rather than later

Can you get rid of the heat? I vent directly to the outside world.


I have a 630 on a light mover and it’s the best buds and best I have ever spent And I’ve been directly out myself I have a attic fan that you can see on the back wall and I run two box fans in there currently have 20 going

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Not sure about the heat… Really… hmmmmm So those fans in the tents. Those are not enough to cool the plants??? U can go out that window with anything!!! Someone might see it and figure it out… Can not go through the roof either…

I was hoping the fans recommended for the tents I saw on Amazon cool things real good, and then the air goes through the filter and just out into the room…??? No one in the house will care about smell of good buds a bit… Just a storage room… It does not work that way??? Ot oh!!!

I can not go out a window, i meant to write, of course!!! Sorry u guys!!!

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This will solve your problem just need a fan or 2 inside going and buy a cheep in-line fan for fresh air

The fan will pull hot air out of the tent but if it just ends back in the room and gets sucked back into the tent then it doesn’t help much.

I installed a dryer vent in the wall so I can move the hot air out of the tent directly to the outside world. I still haven’t got the odor completely under control but it’s not a big issue

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It’s not cheap to get the right stuff the first time just get it little by little ph meter and a light to start then tent and so on

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How small room is it in

Yep!!! That is the set up I saw on Amazon… Fits right in that one brand of tent… Are those good tents!!! Do they have nice big good long lasting zippers…???

They have a fan that is made to go in those tents, and that filter there… I was wondering about that set up on Amazon actually???

So, I thought if I bought that set up, all I need is a good light or two, and the rope and pully thing to raise the light…??? No??? Not that easy??? Of course the soil, nutes… and ph tester… and ph up and down… too…???

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