Does anyone know what the best grow lights, tents w/ fans, filters..... are?

I would like to buy a set up for indoor growing. Never grew under lights before!!! Need everything: Grow light or lights, tent that keeps light hidden and has a good fan and filter, ect…!!! Everything… !!! Think I might want one big enough to grow a few plants or more with good yields and BIG, KILLER BUDS!!! LOL Any suggestions of what are the best set ups are that are not too expensive!!! I am far from a rich person!!! lol I will probably need to buy this stuff online… Thanks very much for any help!!!

Think I would like to buy a TENT that is big enough for at least a few plants with good or big yields, perhaps i should have written… lol

Need some more info TBH

  • Budget?
  • Available space?
  • How stealthy?
  • Desired harvest? ( BIG, KILLER BUDS!!! )

In general I found a 2x4 is best for Indica dominate plants with SCROG. If you want versatility go with a 4x4x7 tent. This means more plants, but the down side is more cost for lighting. The LEDS you find on Amazon can do the job, but pay attention to the wattage they pull from the wall not the supposed Wattage such as “Same light as a 1000w light” which is usually not true at all.
If you cut corners you might find you have to replace stuff later at additional costs. Not a cheap hobby but it is super fun to pull out those “Big Buds” !! :slight_smile:
I like this tent:

buy good duct fans to go with it.

Hmmmm. Budget??? Maybe a couple hundred bucks??? I think maybe I can buy the filter… a little later. In a month or so… Got 3 little auto flowering seedlings going now, but they do not smell yet…, of course. A few plants at a time at least in the tent, yielding some ounces a piece… Hopefully a good, big yield a piece!!! maybe leave lights on 24/7. Would like to have a light that does not use too much electricity… Thinking maybe growing the auto flower plants so they harvest quicker and do not get too giant… I have a room to put the tent in right now. I saw some that are 5 foot by 5 foot and fairly tall, or tall enough…, but would be nice if I could get away with smaller area used in the room. eight foot ceiling height in the room. I am allowed to grow 4 plants now, but hope to get a medical card, which I still need to look into, and then I can grow way more… Need light to not be seen from outside… There is a window in that room with blind on it, but light can get through on the sides at night… and would be nice if did not smell like buds inside the house, but not absolutely necessary…, but certainly can not be smelt from outside. Kinda a country setting, but houses and people living close by… Gotta make sure no one ever knows what is going on inside that room…, of course!!!

Hydro planet tents come in a nifty size, 2.5’x5’x7’. Plus, they’re cheap (about $30-$40 cheaper than other tents). With that, of course, comes a few minor light leaks (easy to tape/block), so a dark room helps. I don’t have a dark room, so I grow autos. I have 2 of the tents, myself, and spent under $160. I bought them off Amazon with free shipping.

Size wise, just make sure you get one that’s @ least 7’+ tall.

I do not have a dark room either… So, hmmmmm. Do u have the lights on at night??? I got to make sure that the light can not be seen outside… Maybe i can block out that window better some how… Do they come with a fan and exhaust and filter… for cooling and elimination of too much smell…???

I have to grow as inconspicuously as I can. I live in a legal state, but the wife doesn’t approve. You definitely cannot see the light from outside. They’re leaks, very tiny points of light that can be covered. I don’t bother.

At a minimum you’re going to need

  • Tent, try and get the best you can. The zips fail on the cheaper ones
  • Light, others can help you more than me @dbrn32
  • Soil or coco or ?
  • Nutes (depends on soil/coco)
  • pH pen

Later on you will need a fan, filter etc the list never ends :wink:


You can buy kits that include everything. I guess they’re good as a one-stop-shop kind of thing. Search on Amazon or Google. There are plenty of kits out there.

Was kinda thinking of getting a semi large one, and then just need to buy one fan and one filter… Instead of buying one tent, then need to buy another one when I can legally grow more, and another fan, and filter set up… If that is how growing in tents works… lol

The list really does never end. It’s a slippery slope with gear & equipment. At least there’s weed at the end of it all.


How about the best lights??? Any suggestions on that??? I think some are kinda spendy… Would be nice to have lights that do not use too much electricity…

I have my 2 tents hooked up to one vent system. People have so many different ways of configuring their grows, but lights, fans, exhaust/smell mitigation system, grow medium, ph & ec/tds meter, and nutes are all necessary for top shelf quality cannabis.

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Not like the old days when I just grew in my back yard… I know!!! A lot to think about now… lol

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2 tents on one vent system… Did not think of that… lol

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Thanks so much for the help!!!

Honestly, I’ve spent about $850 on lights alone, since July 2017. That’s to cover a 5x5 grow area.

I grow in a 4X4, seats 4 comfortably

Tent $104 (4x4 Apollo)
pH pen $30-40

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$850 and then some :slight_smile: The Optic6 I’m using seems to work well and has a built in timer, definitely spendy but seems to work well

@dbrn32 is your man for lights tho

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