Does anyone know what strain this is?

I purchased my seeds from ILGM, they are all supposed to be AK 47 fem auto. But as you can see, one is 40" and the other is 16", there’s no way they are the same. Both are 72 days old, same feeding and watering schedule.
Now I’m not complaining, it’s kinda like a box of crackerjacks. But I would like to know.

Also, I have been flushing since I think I’m only a week or so from harvest.
Do they look OK, it’s my first grow?

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Sorry the one I’m pretty sure is AK47 is the shorter one.

They look good, great 1st effort!.. I think you might have more than a week to go judging by all those white pistils, as to what is what, I don’t know if there’s any way to tell?

Autoflower hybrids are just that, hybrids, and when growing from seed, the offspring can favor one part of its heritage over the other.

AK47 is a sativa dominant strain. Therefore it normally would be tall and lanky like the taller one. But, again, as it is a hybrid with ruderalis to get the autoflower ability, ruderalis are short and close to the ground, more like the shorter one.

So these are very much probably both AK47 autos.

Also, you probably have more than a week from harvest. You want at least 50% of the hairs to be brown to give you an idea that you are a couple weeks away from harvest, and check those trichomes under magnification, you wan’t those about 50% amber, and at least very cloudy/milky (not crystal clear), before you actually harvest.

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MacG thanks. I stopped giving nutes 6 days ago. The tall one def looks like the top leaves are dying, curling up n drying. I’m assuming this is normal as said in a few of the forums on harvesting here, but I’m just checking with you.

The tricnomes seem to be pretty cloudy. It’s so hard for me to look, I have TBI so my arms especially shack bad, hence the need for pot, it’s the only thing that isn’t addictive or makes me sick. When I am it’s still not approved for medical use yet, one of the major reasons I’ve decided to try and relocate

Thanks, it’s definitely been a learning experience, that’s for sure. Many mistakes I won’t be repeating, can only do better from here. What do you think about the top leaves curling up on my tallest plant. Started using just plain water 2x in six days. These pics are only taken a day apart. I’m hoping it normal, checked tricnomes, pretty sure they are cloudy.

Actually the leaves looking like that are pointing to something else, more along the lines of a nutrient salt toxicity build up or pH related toxicity, or maybe deficiency. The way the green leaves curl at the edges also points to this, or maybe a heat issue or possibly the light being too close. The leaf tip burn might also be from this type of situation, especially at the tips of the ones that are closest to the light.

Generally, if you can’t see the trichomes, you still want at least more than about 50% of the hairs, the pistils, to have browned. Many people believe in pretty much 90+% of the hairs to have browned before they would harvest.

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This is my ak47 auto from ilgm and I’m 70+ days old and fairly tall she is slow growing bud but I’m also only using 32 watt led

The plant on the left clearly is utilizing Auxin in the top growth. Auxin is the hormones that is contributed to growth and direction of growth.