Does anyone here have organic growing experience using FFHF and Gaia green organic nutes?

Hi there,

Still a newbie about to look into my first organic grow(2nd grow not counting my first failed attempt :joy:).

Will my plants be okay with just the fox farm happy frog soil for the first 3-4 weeks and then amend the soil with Gaia green all purpose 4-4-4 and 2-8-4 bloom every 3-4 weeks?

Will I absolutely need to brew teas for the plants to remain healthy or will the soil plus top dressing with Gaia green be enough?

Looking for any and all advice for completing my first organic grow successfully!

Oh and will this strategy work for auto flowers and photo periods just the same?

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It will depend on the size of your pot, the bigger the pot the more soil the more nutrients held the longer it will last and the less you will have to feed nutrients.

Have you already purchased the soil? You can run organic nutrients in coco and receive much better results.

Tess and bottled nutrients are all just food. You don’t have to do both, your best bet is to pick the most widely available and cheapest organic nutrients and follow the feed chart from day one if in coco and if in soil you’ll have to wait until the soil gets to weak.
Strongly suggest a bacteria product like fishhead farms fishsh!t or tribus, or voodoo juice or maybe Gia has one but yea.

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I’ll be starting in solo cups but will end up using 5 gallon pots by the end.

Yeah I have two bags of FFHF soil left over from my last trip to the grow store. I was thinking about trying coco but don’t know too much about it as I haven’t looked into using it.

Why would coco be better than using soil?

If I don’t need to brew teas AND Feed organic nutes then I definitely will just stick to the organic nutes!

I will look into a bacteria product, don’t think I’ve even heard of that before.

Thanks for taking the time to reply! Much appreciated.

In soil the plant works with the soil to break down the nutrients in order to access it, this takes time and energy. When this is done you can add nutrients, adding it before will nutritional burn your plant.

In coco (although it must be BUFFED COCO) the medium doesn’t have any real nutrients, it holds nutrients and water though. Infact coco holds water to well you should be mixing it 50/50 with perlite or vermiculite depending on if your hand watering or using a flood system or gravity feed like autopots, as vermiculite holds water.
I strongly recommend a fabric autopot system you will free up sooooo much of your labour and time allowing you to focus on the real aspect of gardening.

Anyways coco allows you to use your organic nutrients from day 1, this nutrients is highly available to the plant and thus the plant can focus more energy on growing and less on working to gain energy.
Coco also dries out faster, this allows for the wet and dry cycle to happen more often which is what forces the roots to expand faster as they search for water.

I love organic soil it’s great but in a cannabis environment unless your outside in the ground and amend the ground soils a sub standard choice.

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Depending on the price difference between coco and FF soil, if it’s not a huge difference I’d probably prefer to grow with coco and amend the coco with organic nutrients from the beginning.

When you say buffed coco, do you mean coco mixed with perlite and things like worm castings? And/or just the organic nutrients?

I really enjoy the labour part of growing and I have such a small grow that it doesn’t really take up much time. I’m always wishing I had more plants to take care of actually since I only grow 3-4 at a time lol.

Thanks for writing all that out. If you have any useful reading material to recommend please do let me know.

Sounds like you need to google the reason for buffed coco =p, it has to do with cat on exchanges and the reason for buffed coco to avoid calcium and magnesium deficiencys destroying your grow.

I strongly suggest you ditch the soil and go coco, the price is not an issue although you’ll use a bit more nutrients in the beginning but it’s worth the yeild difference.

Also you don’t amend coco with any of the work castings and stuff.
Just use nutrients in bottles as it’s more available to the plant, worn castings and all that just mess with the process otherwise.
Just buffed coco and vermiculite or perlite 50/50

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Definitely need to do a lot of googling as new things continue to be mentioned to me everyday haha :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I have two full unopened bags of Gaia green nutrients for my first organic grows and I don’t want to just toss it or let it go to waste. so I’ll just use these nutes for the foreseeable future and top dress my plants for their feedings.

@Nicky Btw have you watched any of Mr.Canucks YouTube Videos? He seems to be the most popular grower on YouTube and he uses stuff like worm castings and bat guano for his grows that look amazing. Just wondering what you and other experienced growers think of his methods and quality of his grows?

I don’t watch YouTube for growers but I checked out his auto video, looks like he got a 4 month auto grow some how even he said it was Lon and his largest plant did 5.4 oz…

They are nice plants and he knows his stuff don’t get me wrong, personally I hate his voice lol.

In coco we are going 4.5oz on the low side when I’m growing them on my deck in the prairies in Canada… Otherwise we are looking at 6-14 oz depending on strain, environment, growers experience method used etc.

You’ll smoke his grows in coco with organic nutrients is my Geuss. I bet within a year you won’t even be watching his channel.

Not to sound ignorant or full of myself but soil just has limitations.
Heck if you really want to grow monsters and spend more money get into aeroponics.
Learn on coco first it’s a good stepping stone.

Ps good for him he’s got a nice following and probably makes tons of money in advertising and gets companies to give him free stuff all the time but personally I don’t have the time to video everything and edit it. I work a full time job out of town for 2 weeks at a time with a week or less at home. Still pulling more weight then his grow that I seen where he’s home evey single day, I’m jelly he’s home every day lol.

Lmao I had a hard time getting past his voice, it bothered me a lot in the beginning and I basically stopped watching his videos until one day his voice didn’t bother me because his videos are pretty high quality, he’s Canadian, and I like the music lol. Totally understand what you’re saying still :rofl:

And na I don’t think you’re being ignorant or anything, you just got your own grow style and opinions and you remain respectful of others. So you’re good in my books.

Im not super into growing monsters or spending more money for hydroponics growing, for now I just want to continue to grow as a grower and learn all I can. Which is why I ask so many questions lol.

I honestly wonder if growing is what he does as his full time job because it seems like he’s home all the time and also it seems like he has an entire floor of his house dedicated to growing weed, maybe even the whole house.

And hey, I’m also Canadian! Living in Ontario :love_you_gesture:

Autopots is the best system ever in coco.

It’s not soil and it’s not hydro.
It’s gravity feed coco. You fill up your Res add your nutrients PH it and walk away until it’s empty. Start with the reservoir it comes with and as you learn the system get a bigger one for the longer you want it to run, I prefer mine to be 30 gallons. Gives me 10 days of not touching the system when plants are huge.
I work for 2 weeks at a time so my girl just dumps a pre mixed 5 gallon bucket in them or two and ph’s them so it lasts till I get home when the plants are really thirst or its hot out.
If you run Jack’s in autopots it’s the same mix all through from start to finish but anything else you have to change the ratios weekly.

Anyways at the very least run coco but then your gonna want to upgrade to autopots let me tell you. Totally worth the money they arnt even expensive it’s just plastic and it saves sooooo much work labour wise, no run off sampling and collecting etc.

Oh for sure it’s his full time job with that many subscribers and that many plants hese selling black market weed with a legal “personal medical licence” seems like he has it set right now but Canada is eventually going to start cracking down on the grey market growers. Those with more than 4 plants who clearly arnt using what they are growing.
With those licenses it gives the authoritys access to your grow if they really want it so it’s just a matter of time before they start knocking on doors taking cell phones and computers.
It’s really easy to find drug dealers who post their locations with legal government paperwork because the tax department can easily tell if your spending more than your making and then boom your busted.

Better to be full black market or full legal (which is impossible without more than 1.5 million)

I’m a bc guy who has been in Alberta for my adult life.
How about that Governor General eh? Lol

Hi @Nicky just seeing this as I have some Gaia I am looking to use and read about your autopot setup.

Ill have to search to see if you have more details on your setup, could you mention me if so? I am setting up for another run and like you, have the time constraint that precludes me using coco, but this seems like a problem solver.

Searching through threads now

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Sea ch autopot guide

Found it thanks. Will this work with top dressing still

I am using fox farm ocean soil with mine inside and all started right up and I have three outside growing well and two inside in a grow tent 4x4x6ft. and Love it, give your babies the best of everything I only use Fox Farm products and nutrients form them and in about 4-6 weeks I hope to harvest outside Western Grail and Skittles.

Used rain water and Liquid horse poop 2 years old and always washed hands and used alcohol to wipe down trimmers. Pretend you are a doctor! I also buy Femimzned seeds that way No Fuss No Mess.Educate read I Love growing Marijuana it has helped me beyond my knowledge which on June 29th 2021 when we ordered seeds was Nothing,now I have a head full of info.