Does anyone have some good reviews of electric sky?

So I see all the HLG recommendations but I am hung up on the es300. Call me crazy.
I was just looking to see anyone has any first hand knowledge of the grow abilities and yields.
At the end of the day it will be the same price as the 320xl after tax etc here in Canada.

At first glance, the electric sky page has a lot of info. I never did find what kind of LEDs they’re using. And the info seems generic. BTU output? I’ve never seen this on lighting info. That much info jammed in one page seems like a big sales pitch. That alone would turn me off to it. I’m sure it grows weed.

The HLG sells itself. No sales pitch needed.

Another option is the Migro Aray. It’s brand new to the market. He makes great stuff. Great price point too.

Well I looked into that migro. It’s really new and pretty high tech looking but only 240w? Is that enough for a 2x4 tent?

I’ll do some more research but it seems like a good choice. Thanks for the suggestion.

I guess no one on ilgm uses the electric sky.

@dbrn32 you being the light guru here. Can you comment on this migro aray. Seems to have similar components to the hlg but at a good cost and bar style system?

Neo is moving me away from the es300 but it still has hooks in me.

Just looking to upgrade from blurple and dont want to spend the money again by making a mistake.

@DivChem uses electric sky.

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@Aussieorganic @Cap_Ron @Rocketman @Alpo0721

I see you have used or are using es300s can you comment on yield and if youd buy again? Seems its at least a good veg light. Just wondering how it flowers.

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I run 2 Electric sky 300v2. Its increased bulk and finish time by a week… I’m on my second run with these new lights. They are cooler than the par600s I had. And have much better coverage over a rectangle box… They have no fan so they are very quiet as well. They aint cheap… Neither am I… If you have heat issues as I do. These lights are a no brainer.

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Currently running one.

They seem to run best @ 18" Although with the dimming switch you can get closer… I haven’t ran out of vertical space so I run them @ full 300watt.

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This is my current light. So any light will be an improvement.

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I guess bottom line. It comes down to what works best for you and your pocket book… Ive heard good things with the HLs ?? But the Electric sky 300v2 is built like a tank. And should hold up well over the long run and Electric sky provides unlimited support!! Call them or Email, you get a quick response. I like that one on one support…


It’s 240w because it’s so efficient. He does his measurements based on micro mols per watt. And his watts produce a lot of light.

You’d be the first one on the forum to have one. I think they came out only 3-4 weeks ago.

And his price point is hard to beat.


Still running four HLG V2 100W QB’s. 3500 version. My first good batch of OG Kush came with these babies. Start to finish. Three good batches since, including Tangerine Dream auto’s. Worked like a charm. Harvested in three months, start to curing.


It should perform as advertised.

Es300 us good light too, but you would be paying more for lower performance light compared to something like qb 260 xl kit. The es 300 is built a little more rigid than most, but 22 pounds for a 2x4 fixture is a little ridiculous too.


Like I said. A war probably could start over what the best LED system is! It’s a trial and error. I have Mega heat issues due to geographical location. These pics were just taken. No photo editing other than cropping. This is what the Electric sky looks like underneath.

ILGM SourD Auto. ILGM Blueberry auto. Both wk7 Tues. Well … Hurricane is just bout over the top of me. It’s flooding down in Texas.

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I hear you. All of these lights will grow it. I was just having trouble seeing any real substantive results on the web for the es300. Alot of YouTube fanboys who will say what you want for money’s.
I like how close to the canopy it can get and with my tent topping out at 5 feet it could let my plants get a bit taller then 24 inches. I like that migro too but there is no results out.
Just want to say thanks to all who replied as it has been very helpful.
Decisions decisions.

Good luck in texas @DivChem

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It’s a tough choice. I bought my HLG before my dive into the deep end of lighting.

There is so much out there. So many different price points.

I’m putting together a second tent. It will Veg and flower. And my thought this morning was “how much can I get a used 600w HPS/MH ballast for on eBay?
$50. A cool tube? Also $50. Growing with HPS/MH seems “Classic”.

And this afternoon I’m browsing Rapid LED dot com, thinking maybe I’ll go COBs… it’s a Deep hole with tons of options.

I vote for the Aray. Tell us how awesome it is. It’s built for a 4x2 tent. And it’s a good price


I’ve only had great results from the ES300, and as well with the Grow300 from Grow Light Science, but I bought both of them before I found this forum. If I had a chance to read all of the posts from @dbrn32, I probably would have went with HLG fixtures.
My most recent yeild under the ES300 was between 4 and 5 ounces dry weight per plant with 3 Monster Bruce Banner autos in a 2 x 4 tent.
My most recent run under the Grow300 was 2 ILGM Gorilla Glue autos and 2 Fast Buds Gorilla Glue autos in a 2 1/2 x 5 tent. I didn’t weigh the yeild by individual plants, just the total, which was just under 22 ounces.
Every run under both fixtures has gone really well. I like both of them very much.


I started with viparspectra 300 blurp and then added an hlg 100 with it to a 2x3 tent. Despite the difference in spectrum my blurp pulled off more yield than the hlg but it was also 35 more watts from the wall. I said all that to say I got gifted an es180 last month and replaced both lights. Temps run 73 max with lights on which I like. Im in day 14 of veg experimenting with some DTE dry amendments and coco as well as soil. I have NO complaints about ES and at this point have no more needs to upgrade this tent. For $700 would I buy a 300? Probably yes knowing I have a light with excellent PAR readings at 18" and never have to question if my light is potentially holding me back. I’ve now learned to follow the mantra, get what you want the first dang time cuz the worst thing you could do is settle then turn right back around and wish you did it. Good luck.

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Think about going migro aray. Not sure if I should add the red osram far red LEDs or not.

Is one better? Better ppfd for the red osram but the no red looks like a smoother spectral chart.