Does Anyone Else See The Shape Of A Skull?

Please do. That looks amazing! :drooling_face: where did you get the seeds if you don’t mind me asking? I love all barneys strains.

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I got in trouble for posting the link before so in order not to violate ILGM policy i’ll just say its a company from spain that rhymes with Weedsman.

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Awesome you did it thats so cool @MrMirrors

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You got this going on these images showing up in unusual places.
What you want on your toast we got jam peanut butter or Jesus.

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Are these plants runtz muffins @MrMirrors
They look amazing frosty and sticky

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Yes, thats 1 Runts Muffin planted in a 10 gallon pot. Taking up a full 4 by 4 tent. I’ll tag you in my grow journal.



Check it out

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Looks like Nicolas Cage!

It’s Dead Head weed!!!

Nazi SS Bud NO NO NO No Smokey

Dude thats crazy! If this was on IG or FB would swear it was photoshopped! The Ghost of weed past come to pay a visit perhaps a dead friend/relative that liked to burn.