Does anyone else “layer” their joints?

I like to throw a couple strains into my joints depending on how I know my night’s headed.

I call this the Covid Quarrantine.

The 1/2 closest to the end gets Bruce Banner. So I feel energetic and focused while I begin relaxing.
The 1/2 closest to the filter gets Grandaddy Purple. So I can slowly ease into the couch.

I also run a vein of kief about 2/3 up from the filter. This way my aches and pains (and every other worry) slowly disappears.


Never heard of it, sure its an amazing state of mind…going to tag along on this :slight_smile:

I’m this far into it, and feel like mowing the lawn (it’s 11pm here).


Wait a few, takes some couch drags…years into a few grow with some reserve, I’ll be trying that. I heard some like to add small amounts of Tabacoo to their joints, makes a little difference in high due to nicotine

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Not so much into blunts.
I just like flower.

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Throw a couple of mushrooms in and you have the makings of a great party! Mike


Sounds dankalicious, I like to mix and match different strains also, or pack a cone and dust it with powdered hash, love getting fuqed up :joy:


Actually now that I think of it, my friends Dad gave me a layered joint, when we were staying on his boat, 2 tokes and I was lit up like Xmas.

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@Drinkslinger. I’ll do something similar.
Mine are done with sometimes up to 3 varieties of weed along with a smear of bho and then a final dusting of keif along the middle.
Talk about something make you sit down and take notice. :wink::joy::v::drooling_face:
And Kool flower pic under your lighter btw. :+1:


Only if I don’t have enough of one to roll a decent one. Then I’ll mix em. Maybe I should because looking in my ash tray we have mostly half joints anyway.

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Its all a crapshoot here.

We Utilize way to much weed. If you mix N match. U never burn out.


I like to layer my bowls, good bud at bottom, then chunk of hash on top of the that, then covered with kief. Hits the spot.


I’d say not only hits the spot but the entire Target.! Damn…


“Covid Quarrantine” is an appropriate name, You start out feeling great and ready for anything, but about 1/2 way through you realize you aren’t going anywhere, doing anything productive, or having people over. So you just lie on the couch stuffing your face and watching Netflix.


I also like to make “moon rocks”.

Get your jar of kief

Get a nice little nug

Roll it around in your jar of kief

Now you got a moon rock


Yup… Houston, we got issues.


I use an electric grinder to prep my flower to roll or smoke. Normally I’ll grind just enough flower for a big spliff and the excess goes into a quart mason jar. When that puppy is full I usually shake kief then make butter. But once in a while I’ll dip into it with a glass blunt and get a homogenized high haha.


I keep little balls of scissor hash in the bottom of my grinder. They get coated with kief and occasionally end up in my smoke.


Love scissor hash but I always manage to smoke it up pretty quick while trimming, probably why it takes me so long to trim.


Holy smokes!!! That’s looks like an amazing way to unwind. I moved from a legal to illegal state, been drinking to much beer lately. Can’t wait till harvest…oh I will have questions on what I can smoke off the plant while it growing…lol… great pictures from everyone!

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