Does anyone actually get good crystal production from LED lighting?

Which one the HPS’s or the LEDs?

So if i went all LED it would be in my interest to master scrogging considering the light waves travel less or is that false?

Can you post i pic of this? Im curious as to how its setup.

As dope as that is I’d like to be able to pull more than 260 watts for the $400 spent on it. That and I believe their warranty is only three years as opposed to the five-year warranty other companies offer

At that point i might as well get the 600 lol

Not yet. She’s still bulking.

Soldering of leds is kind of a has been. If your intent is to build light without solderimg, shouldn’t be hard to do. That is like so 2015 lol. I’m gonna drop a link below of something I half assed documented from start to finish. Its a small light, but that is easily fixed by using larger driver and larger or more led modules.


:confounded::confounded: yes,lol. @MrMirrors

I had access to a supply of 1 1/2 X 6" aluminum tubing (rectangular) to use for my lights

23 X 30" fixture

Sanded and areas masked for painting

Painted with EB strips installed using thermal tape

Back side with driver installed

10 strips per fixture, 240 watt peak although I never run it at that

@MrMirrors that’s my strip build


Thanks for explaining that.

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I would wait till those hairs start turning color and dying back a bit IMO.

Thats trully an acomplishment. You nailed that. Its so proffesional looking!

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Seriouslly impressive.

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The HLG UVA30 is a 30 watt LED strip, have 2 of them in my flowering tent, along with a HLG 550 rspec and a 260 rspec.


I have a combination of Bridgelux COB’s, Chilled Logic pucks and EB strips.

My main room has the COB’s and pucks at 2200 watts and the EB strips (1100 watts) are used in my other tents.

Most of my LED’s are 3500 K with a few 4000 K mixed in. I also use photo-red, far-red and UV/A & B.
Edit #2: My UV is produced by a pair of T5 fluorescent fixtures.

Edit: I did forget to mention that all of my lighting fixtures are DYI.


@MrMirrors Here are a couple rather poor photos of some of my lights

COB’s with red supplementary strips and the pucks

EB strips, there are four of these, each rectangular panel is about 150 watts from the wall


Amazing! Are you using that as side lighting?

That is truelly amazing how y’all can just free hand something like that. May i ask how much you spent on all the pieces? How long did it take?

Not side lighting, that is looking up at the light while lying on my back.
They are in a different growing area than the COB’s and pucks.

A couple thousand dollars for all of them and about half a day for each fixture.
I could do it much faster but was not in a big hurry.


Do I see a few amber in here? Should I start flushing with just PH water? Thanks.


I see 1 amber trichome. Looks good. I dont want to steer you the wrong way so ill let someone else answer.

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