Does anybody use vape or safer tobacco products

Here is a sheet of the new taxes that will affect vaping products, it is in the new proposal by president Biden as the Build back Better plan

I’m, not sure what else will be taxed in this bill but I’m sure cigarettes, alcohol and marijuana are included somewhere

I make my own vape juices using PG, VG, flavor, and 100mg/ml nicotine concentrate. Sounds like I need to order more nicotine concentrate before the taxes go up.


The bill has not been passes yet, but in my experience it probably will.
Anyway the CASAA a organization for safer tobacco products, is asking for help if you want, you can go on there site and you can send a message to members of Congress to help fight the bill. I’m not asking anyone to I’m just spreading the word.

I tried my hand at making my own juice but it never really worked out for me, luckily I found Red Rock Vapor out of Las Vegas. They just started shipping to all states again because of the covid ban and now this.

Can you provide perspective as to where a pack of Newport’s would fit on that chart, in terms of nicotine content? Good old fashioned full flavor cigarettes.

I haven’t read the bill in full, honestly you probably don’t want to, there is no telling the things they want to tax and steal money from to make is presidency legit or appealing to most people. I know in Va, a pack of Newport’s cost about $7 and that is probably considered cheap in most states, I used to smoke Marlboro reds and they are about $6.50 here, my grandfather used to tell me he could take a girl out to eat and go to the movies for less than a quarter, cigarettes were a nickel a pack then to. What I think about is the cigarette companies made good money even when they were a nickel a pack. Most of my family used to grow tobacco that was the big thing here now not one member of my family grows it anymore, rotting buck barns and most of the time empty fields

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From my understanding they trying to ban anything methol. My state already stop selling somethings and said will stop selling Newport soon and that’s what I smoke

I think this is a side issue but your right they will outlaw menthol soon, actually I think they have already stopped making them and no more will be made. I think every type of alcohol will kill you eventually but there is no stopping that. I think adults should be able to kill them selves at there own discretion. Why does a president or anyone else have the right to tell me what I can put in my body. I was on the Marlboro site this morning and they are asking smokers also to stand up against the tax. So it is a wide spread subject, they are going to make sure that we pay the price for the countries money problems after giving a leg up now they will take it all back and more. Until this year I have never had a thing to say about the government, Good or bad. My opinions don’t conform to most, so I will stop talking now

Pack Newport here $12 and I agree

$12 that is completely ridiculous, and the big thing is that is normal now, who knows what they will cost after this tax, tobacco will probably cost more than Cannabis sooner than you think, I heard a while back that Oregon was talking about legalizing cocaine and heroin, but tobacco is to rough, it might not have been Oregon but it was one of those states in that area

Might be Oregon they legalizing everything. Yea man up here in the east coast is crucial on cigs

Exactly. Not only that but the only thing Biden has built back better thus far is the Taliban

I use to but once that bill blocked atomizer sales on eBay I quit. It was surprisingly easy, annoying for two weeks by the 4 week didn’t even think about anymore. Compared to tobacco it was very mild and easy for me. I chain vaped sub ohm at 100w with the highest nicotine Zues eJuice offered.

As easy as it was to quit I would give a shot, nicotine is a pretty pointless drug IMO. I was hooked on it for over 30 years. Now THC that’s another story.

No here to preach or nag, just sharing for anyone that tried to quit smoking cigs, for me quitting vaping was much easier.