Does anybody use milk

Ive heard of people using milk on their plants both to the soil and as foliage spray. I was wondering if anybody has tried it or uses it and how it was applied and what the results and purpose would be.

And can or should it be used on autos

Ive heard that too but i cant see that not stinking at some point.


Right i was thinking that too

I pour any milk I have that goes bad on my outdoor plants all the time. Well, whenever…
I’ve never done it inside but I can’t imagine you’d get any smells from it.
It’s basically minerals, bacteria and enzymes. There are some fats and sugars and of course, calcium.
Actually the further out of date it is the better!
I poured a quart on two small ladies I have outside on my porch yesterday in fact! It wasn’t technically out of date but had been open long enough without use I felt better opening a new one! LOL!
Bad milk will mess my stomach up! :rofl:
I haven’t used it as a spray, just to the soil. Which I did directly to the center of the root zone at the base of the plants.
I’d be worried about a film with foliar use, even if diluted in water. Milk is kinda thick. Isn’t it basically just cow white blood cells? Yum!!

At the very least I’d add it too my mix water on an indoor grow in soil. Probably after Ph-ing just for the bacteria and microbes.
I’m not sure how much, if any, it’d change the Ph of the mix. Probably not enough to worry with.


Milk can be used a foliar spray you leave it on there for two days then you rinse it off i watched a video on YouTube today about this


@Dertynugs Hey there!! I watched a few YouTube ids on it and this last run I added it to the waterings when I was adding in my molasses and Mycorrhizal Fungi. It’s hard to distinguish what they may have added though since I gave so much variety to the girls lol. Never smelled it but I also rinse out my overflow saucers weekly.