Does a plant adapt to high ppm, then expect it?

So @ 6 weeks old my white widow autos have gone from week one in burpee seedling mix then transplanted into ffof from then on(5 weeks). My runoff from ONLY ph 6.5 water started at 2200 ppm, plants never showed burning. Around last week the new growth had a tad of white tips but growth is still an inch a day. Question is, my “feed schedule” calls for between 600-800 ppm at this stage. So whenever the soil runs out of nutes will the plant still be expecting to be up above 1000+ ppm since they’ve been that way their entire lifespan?

Whats your input?

Here are my plants this morning after watering with only ph 6.5 water.

Plant on the left ppm out was 1100 with 3gal ran through her separately each time to measure, ph was 6.5 out

Plant on the right about 2 weeks longer into shooting pistils. Ppm out was 1000 after 3 seperate gal were poured, ph was 6.6 out

6 weeks above ground 13" tall
Edit: They just woke up this morning, thats why they are droopy, and they just got their bath! :metal:


Did you top your plants or is this LST on them, they look great. I’m just starting WWA and thinking about topping one of 2 plants to see the differience

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This was yesterday


The one on the right was topped at the 4th node then let the side shoots come up, now I just spread those out.
The plant on the right was LST’d and never topped.

Thank you this is my first auto grow last year did photo outside

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Here is my journal on these 2. I am using 4 QB120’s in 3000k in a 3x3x6. Ffof soil

IDK if they expect it, but I run my DWC’s at full strength pretty quickly after seedling stage with no problem, but also leave quite a bit ppm behind when I dump and fill so much of my nutes go to waste.

I can imagine

Top them both. Just look 3his pictures, the topped one has way more bud sites that’ll end up looking like this

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Nice !!!