Does a Bubbler Need a Screen


Guess it’s a stupid question but just bought a bubbler(7.9 inch). It didn’t come with a screen? Do you need a screen? Measured across the bowl and it seems to be 3/4 inch. Should I buy 3/4 brass screens? Any info is appreciated.


I use glass screens in mine, I prefer the “jacks” style, but the “daisy” ones work fine also…

The problem with a brass screen, is it slides around in the glass bowl. But it will work, I just find it to be a pain in the…

But I always use some kind of screen…


Thx @Ron330… Gonna check into what you recommend.


@Zombo you can use it without one, I just hate getting all the crumbs on the inside of the pipe, makes it hard to clean, and waste a very small bit of shake…


Who doesn’t like pictures, lol…



those are what the glass ones look like… Here is a daisy screen in my “Bat-Hammer”



And since I have it out, lets get medicated :v:


the bat hammer and american spirit cigs…lol
i have tried those
and will leave it at that @Ron330


I just looked them up on Amazon, I think having a screen would be better as you say @Ron330… Thanks for the help


@Zombo I buy them in bulk, and just throw them away after a couple of bowls. I have some expensive ones, those I drop in a small jar filled with Iso Alcohol, after a day most the tar/resin comes right off after a quick rinse.

So if cash is an issue, just soak them in alcohol after use and they clean up easily.


Nice yeah I don’t think you need one may need to change water more but wooho


@Countryboyjvd1971 I smoked with out them for 32 years, and was perfectly happy…

But then I tried them, and have used them them since, you notice the biggest difference when you use them in a spoon pipe, I haven’t choked on a scooby snack or hot coal since I started using them…


nothing like a fire hot coal in the back of the throat first thing to get the ball rolling!!lol


10-4 @Ron330 I use them myself was just saying he would be cool with out as well with a bubbler water would catch hot coal etc but I’m with you in a dry pipe is best


And the “jack” style break a lot less frequently that the flowers. Once the little knobs break off, you have a plug, not a screen.


Amazon sells both types lots cheaper then the head shops.


Guys try a online head shop out called dankstop you’ll love the prices and choice :+1:
@Wishingilivedina420state @Whodat66 @Zombo @BIGE @Ron330


thanks john i’ll look into that…


I’ve made. Several purchases @BIGE had a issue with one they sent me two replacements to make sure I was happy :+1:
Awesome place brother


Happy Birthday CB, hope you have an awesome day @Countryboyjvd1971


Thanks brother @Zombo