DoDo Bird Mistake

So I am a dodo bird! I Bought a 8 feet tent for a 7.5 foot ceiling! How many people have had to lower their tent? I will say it was easy, took 9 inches off the uprights.


How did u lower the tent. The fabric dont shrink. Hmmmm

I mean you can always use it once you move to a place/area with higher ceiling

Home owner, hopefully won’t be moving for a long time. Cut 9 inches off the poles. Yes a little baggie. It is a 4 by 8 the room I lose from in plodding won’t hurt me. I am not looking to make a jungle.

I can always buy 6 new poles if I ever need to. How much could 6 poles possibly cost.

Nope…I measured to the ceiling and picked one where I still have room between the tent and ceiling for circulation.

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I have room now