Doc's never ending adventure

This is what Im up too. They are strawberry cheesecake auto’s

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Girls are looking good

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Looks closer to nutrient burn, you did a flush, I think you’ll be in good shape.


Thought id pick this journal up a bit. Here is Maeve:
Her name means intoxicating.

She is a 10 or 11 week old bloody skunk from fast buds. Sadly she didn’t take on any of the red but, she stinks like a skunks ass UP your nose! She is supposed to be an 8 week start to finish but I stunted her early on and we seem to be a couple weeks behind. She has maybe 2 weeks left, Ive started the final flush but wont flush the soil for another few days. Cant wait to press some of this flowrer into rosin, smells so good!


Damn sexy lady

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I know right! I flowered her under my ts1000 so didnt know what was gonna look like. Damn good!

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Correction. She is a bloody skunk from sweet seeds.

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She looks fat n dense

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Using this feeding schedule I found for FF and autoflowers, seems to be working well.

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Its a jungle in my tent right now!

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Very gorgeous great job

@GomBoo I saw your watering contraption in a different thread, could you break it down for me? How does it work?

I started off with my own MacGyver unit consisting of a buried plastic tube with small holes and a funnel. Worked well if someone was around to pour.
Needed something that would work while we were away for 10 daze.
A member here suggested the Blumat system and that’s what I’ve been testing for the last week.

Lost in the Sixties

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Respond to me here.

Harvested Maeve today. She was 79 days old. Give or take a day. We allowed her to go longer then any of her sister plants. Great mix of amber and cloudy trichomes. Is it just me or do the amber ones look so pretty in the jewlers loupe? Any how here is some pics and Ill let y’all know what dry weight is in about a week.

Her main was so thick my ol lady couldnt wrap a hand all the way round it.
Product review:
This is the first time I have ever used a myco product, Great White Shark, in this instance. The roots are out of this world! A drastic improvement over previous grows. I brought the mycos late to this plants game, the 4 strawberry cake I have growing in the other tent have had mycos from germination. I recomend adding mycos of whatever brand to your next grow, I know I will.

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Looking great brother

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@MrPeat thank you for your time.
You said you have been using the same soil for 4 years? Thats insane! How are you doing that? Also, I read that you dont ph your nutrient solution, I tried this and my plants all freaked out, do you feed super light or infrequently, how do you keep the soil at a reasonable ph?

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I changed the soil once in 4 years. I did this because the seeds with tap roots went swimming in the toilet. Then I had to fish them out with my bare hands. It was a fun grow.

Its easy. Well to me it is. You just start adding nutrients faster is all. Once the seedling is between 7 days to 14
days old I just make up between 1/8th to 1/2 strength nutrient solution. Depending on size. I don’t measure this amount. As I just make it up as it grows. Really a crap shoot trying not to over do it. Instead of making 1 gallon, I scale it back mathematically and bam, I’m good. Then hope I am right. I guess you could compare a depleted bag of nutrients to Coco aka meaning you use nutrients right out the door.

I absolutely do not pH, ppm, runoff, flush, and anything else. Just my skills in tune with Mother Nature. What is good enough for her, it’s good enough for me. You don’t see her pH’ing the rain. You get what I mean.

I am not a fan of training. Why my Sativas looks like a jungle and my Indicas and Autos is more controlled. I don’t train them at all. I see no point. They do it themselves.

Once they are past the 2 week old above ground I generally go full strength. But I play close attention to their leaves. The Rule of Thumb is 1/4 to 1/2 dose. But step it up over time. Generally with new soil, you are good for 6 weeks with a Sativa Dominant. Now Indicas, you may get 2 full grow cycles before needing nutrients. I am on a 3rd Indica grow in the same soil. She needs nutrients finally I gave her the first dose last week and I went full strength and no issues.

I just don’t worry about it all. I have mad growing skills. I was always helping mom. I kinda chuckle when members say they have been growing for 40 years, yet they have massive problems. If you have mad skills, you won’t have any issues at all.

I feel people go way over board. Like I need to add fish meal, worm casings and everything else. You really don’t if you are dialled in how you grow. I also noticed the pattern these are the same people with insect infestations and other deficiencies. Generally speaking of course.

As for Soil pH. Fox Farms is buffered at 6.5 and since I don’t test the soil via a slurry test, it has to be pretty accurate or my grows would die.

I had growing pains but it was mainly heat issues.

And the best part…I grow 12/12 start to finish. I never transplant. I also don’t Veg and if I did, my plants would be 20 feet tall. My Sis would chuckle if that happened.

The grow lights I generally keep at the top.

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